The Image Band

The Image Band was formed with the purpose of reproducing, propagating and improving the dynamism of the Caribbean musical form. There is no denying that the Image Band has accomplished this and much more. The Image Band is an electrifying group of musicians with harmonious rhythms and dynamic vocals and has shattered all traditional notions of success in the Washington and Baltimore Caribbean Community. The group’s popularity is noted by the busy schedule they maintain yearly. They fulfill regular engagements in numerous U.S. cities on the east coast, Canada and the Caribbean. The group hosts the largest annual New Year’s Eve event on the St. Croix Virgin Islands. They were the first group to win the Best Musical Band Award presented by the D.C. Caribbean Carnival, Inc. and have been crowned Brass-O-Rama champions at the Trinidad and Tobago Days in the Park in Baltimore on several occasions. The Washington Post has featured the Image Band on numerous occasions, particularly for its involv ent in the Caribbean Fest Live at the CarteR&Baron Amphitheatre. These accomplishments reflect the group's pursuit of musical excellence and encourage th to continue striving for greater heights. This prowess was quite evident when the group was invited to perform for Inaugural Balls of both President Bill Clinton and President Barack Obama. “Yo ready? Le meh see yo!” These are the words pumping through the sound syst as the lights come up and the powerhouse Image Band hits the stage once more for another foot-stomping show. Every journey on the stage is an opportunity to make a musical statement. Pulsating percussive rhythms, throbbing guitar and bass riffs, steady keyboard patterns, and the oily-smooth precision execution of live horns complement the group's presentations. Their versatility enables th to play various musical genres, including R&B, Hip Hop, Reggae and Dancehall. However, Soca r ains the heartbeat of this band. For more information about Image Band, visit"> or like th on Facebook at">