Billy Jonas

Award-winning composer, songsmith, recording artists and multi-instrumentalist Billy Jonas is known for his unique brand of ôjunkadelic folk music.ö Jonas has been an international performer and educator for over a decade. He performs original songs, stories, and improvisations with voice, guitar, and ôindustrial repercussionö û a collection of instruments made from found, foraged and recycled objects.His music has received international radio airplay and has been featured on CNNÆs Living in the 90s. His work has also garnered praise from major acoustic music journals, including Sing Out and Dirty Linen, the international forlk music magazine. His new family video, Billy Jonas: BanginÆ and SanginÆ, has been awarded a 2000 ParentsÆ Choice Gold Award and the Kids First! Endors ent by the Coalition for Quality ChildrenÆs Media. Jonas has recently released a new adult-oriented CD, Life So Far, featuring all original songs, and will soon release a childrenÆs CD, Bangalong with Billy.