Bryan Johnson

Bryan Johnson grew up in Los Alamos, New Mexico. He and his two sisters studied violin. When he was 16, he attended the Aspen Music Festival, studying violin with Norman Carol and chamber music with Abe Skernick of the Cleveland Orchestra, and Martin Lovett, cellist of the Amadeus Quartet. Bryan went on to Indiana University where he was a student of Guilet and Farbman on the violin and Primrose, Ilmer, and Terespolski for chamber music. Bryan was a member of the United States Marine Corps Orchestra for four years, performing at the White House for ceremonial occasions. During that time he also obtained a Masters of Music degree from Catholic University, taking lessons with David Nadien in New York and studying chamber music with cellist Robert Newkirk. Bryan spends many hours each week teaching. He also enjoys raising dogs, hiking, camping, and working in his garden. July 2001