Kuenta i Tambú

Inspired by traditional Afro-Caribbean music from Curaçao and European dance, Kuenta i Tambú has created a brand new sound. They cleverly create a balance between electronic sound samples, singing, chanting, and the infectious rhythms played by ritual tambú drums. Some call it global bass, others prefer labelling it Tambutronic. The music is a wild and colorful explosion of energy, and always seems to set off some serious movements on the dance floor. Kuenta i Tambú translates to "Stories and Drums" from Papiamentu, the language spoken on the islands of Curaçao, Aruba and Bonaire (Dutch Antilles). The group is based in Amsterdam and was formed in 2005 after a series of educational projects at schools which introduced the music and culture of Curaçao to Dutch children. Nowadays, they are known for their high energy shows, hypnotizing beats, and dazzling percussive interplay.