Anne LeBaron

Anne LeBaron (30 May 1953 - ) by Karen Cossaro Harpist, composer, and innovator Anne LeBaron was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She is renowned for her work in instrumental, electronic, and performance domains. Her compositions embrace a broad array of subjects, ranging from contemporary adaptations of Greek and South American myths to unheralded women in history. After studying composition at the University of Alabama and the State University of New York (SUNY), she became a Fulbright Scholar and studied with Gysrgy Ligeti in Germany in 1980. She completed her doctorate in composition at Columbia University in 1989. LeBaron's compositions have been written for virtually every contemporary genre, and they include works for the harp, for her LeBaron Quintet (trumpet, tuba, electric guitar, harp and percussion), and for conventional ensembles. An early work, Concerto for Active Frogs (1975) combines recorded sounds of frogs with live performers working from a graphic score, while American Icons (1996) makes references to the jitterbug, cartoon riffs, and Latin dance music. Traces of Mississippi, written for the Tougaloo Chamber College Choir, is joined by an orchestra, a gospel singer, rap artists, narrators, and a children's choir. LeBaron's awards include a Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship, a Fromm Foundation Commission, and a three-year residency in Washington, D.C. LeBaron lectures on subjects ranging from surrealism and music to environmental awareness through music and art. She is currently teaches composition at the California Institute of the Arts.