Mandrágora Circo

Mandragora Circus started its activity as a theater company in 2002 in Trelew, Patagonia Argentina. It is formed by Mariana Silva and Juan Cruz Bracamonte. They have been members of deferent companieSemperforming music, theater, dance and circus since 1998. In 2003, the company premiered the play "Mandragora Circus" that combines different kind of artistic expression shaping this theatrical play. Using techniques of circus as a part of the plot, in a story that go beyond the skills. Where two characters express th selves without words, through the gesture, body techniques and music. Since its beginning the main activity of the company has been conducting tours that took him to present the Play in several theaters touring Argentina during eight years of continuous work, in which also participated in National and International theater festivals. In 2010 the company initiated an AMERICAS TOUR traveling by car to present Mandragora Circus play in different countries in the Americas from PATAGONIA TO ALASKA, in more than three years of continuous tour they has been toured 14 countries. During 2010 and 2011 the performance toured Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela and Dominican Republic where they participated in different theater festivals besides presenting the show in theater, schools, universities and cultural centers. In 2012 continued the tour in Central America presenting the play in Panamá, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guat ala and Belize in different cities in each country. In mid 2012 arrives Mexico, for a year traveling the country from south to north presenting the show in different states. Currently Mandragora Circus is touring the United States, where the play was presented in California, Florida and North Carolina. In 2014 will continue the tour in USA, Canada and Alaska.