Michael Feinberg Ensemble

A vibrant young bassist/composer whose voice conveys a distinct musical vision, Michael Feinberg was born on March 26, 1987 and lives in Atlanta, GA. Through the continuing school of experiences -performing, writing and leading multiple bands - Feinberg continues to bring fresh ideas to life with music that incorporates jazz, hip hop, and rock, as well as influences from his Middle Eastern and Eastern European heritage. This melting pot of influences and experiences is still being stirred as Feinberg performs on varied bandstands. From the illustrious halls of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, the Kennedy Center where he participated in the 2008 Betty Carter Jazz Ahead Residency Program, performing urban jazz grooves with trumpeter Russell Gunn in intimate venues in Atlanta, to leading a rock-band called The Zipline, all demonstrate Feinberg's diverse musical interests. A leader as well as musician, Feinberg is also the founder and creative director of the Miami Creative Music Collective (MCMC), a group of young musicians and composers based out of South Florida. With a family tree whose roots and branches extend from the Ukraine, Poland, Israel, and Cyprus, then into America, it is no surprise that Feinberg's most recent compositions have been inspired by the traditional folksongs and melodies of those diverse locations in which recent trips (to Poland and Israel) have brought many new musical concepts in his work. These concepts can be heard in Feinberg's current compositions as well as his debut release Harajuku, featuring The Glass Eye Trio, for which the Southeastemperformer Magazine writes “As for Feinberg, the principal composer and bandleader, his acumen resembles that of more seasoned musicians and his talent belies his age and experience. His bass walks across the album nimbly, self-assuredly handling disparate moods and modes with aplomb.” Feinberg's music oscillates with new and exciting vibrations that include sounds from the East to the West, the fiery spirits of Mingus, Bjork and others, as he aspires "to challenge the limitations of jazz while returning to its most basic elements of improvisation, creativity, and a fusion of cultures and sounds."