Deepa Mehta

Deepa Mehta is one of Canada most influential and respected filmmakers. Her movies have received numerous awards and played at every major film festival; she has received honorary degrees, tributes and awards around the world, including the prestigious CineAsia œBest Director Award. Her elemental Trilogy comprises: Fire (1996) which she also wrote, Earth (1998), her adaptation of Bapsi Sidhwa acclaimed novel and Water (2005) which was nominated for an Academy Awardo as best Foreign Film. WateR&Became a box office success in Canada and worldwide. Her earlier comedy Bollywood Hollywood (2002) r ains one of the top 10 grossing English Canadian films. Her other movies are: Sam and me (1991), Camilla (1994), and A Heaven on Earth (2008). Future projects include Midnight Children, which she is co-writing with author Salman Rushdie.