Ethan McKelvain

Ethan McKelvain makes his WNO debut as Young Davis in Approaching Ali. He is a 13 year-old 7th grade student at Williamsburg Middle School in Arlington, Virginia. He began his vocal career when he was 8 years old as a chorister in the renowned choir of St. Paul Parish, K Street (modeled on, and singing at a comparable standard to, English choirs such as that of Westminster Abbey). He also attended the Royal School of Church Music Course for Experienced Trebles at the Washington National Cathedral the past two summers. When he is not singing, he enjoys interscholastic basketball, wrestling, and ultimate Frisbee. Having no prestigious music degrees, he cites his piano teacher Kim McDavit for teaching him what he knows of music, and especially Robert McCormick, the Music Director of St. Paul, K Street, for helping him develop his voice and teaching him how to sing. May 2013