Kim McCormack

Education consultant and multi-media artist, Kim McCormack as founder of Creative Curiosity Inc, has been advocating for the field of Arts in Education for over 30 years. Kim helps students of all ages and all abilities become successful learners, developing creative and critical thinking skills. She designs and impl ents innovative, hands-on arts integration projects with unique ways to engage learning classroom curriculum. As a leader in the field of Creative Aging, as well as early intervention, her students range from 1 101 years old. She is a professional development specialist delivering courses, mentoring teachers, and presenting to universities and foundations on Arts in Education. She also develops and impl ents trainings for Teaching Artists. As co-Chair of the Exhibit and Design Committee for the Westchester Children's Museum, she brings her knowledge of the curriculum, Learning Standards, and a love for creative learning. Kim has been a workshop leader for the Kennedy Center since 2002. Kim was invited to go to Bhutan, a Kingdom in the Himalayan Mountains and has worked with their Ministry of Education since 2005. She is the Senior U.S. Administrator of the Special Education Project with the Bhutan Foundation Advisory Committee assisting Bhutan government to meet the learning needs of all children, all abilities.