Nomad Dancers

Nomad Dancers is a collective inspired by traditions of India, Persia, Central Asia, Middle East, and Turkey, traveling across borders and bridging cultures in search of the ultimate dance experience. The Nomad Dancers proudly presentempersian, Afghan, Tajik, Azeri, Uzbek, Uighur, and Ottoman Turkish traditional folkloric dances, as well as Bollywood and Fusion choreographies, at cultural events, celebrations and festivals in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area and beyond. The individual Nomad Dancers' fascination and interests in the graceful, playful, colorful, and rich dance traditions from across this vast region, coupled with the dancers' myriad experiences and talents, have inspired a varied repertoire of dances and glorious costumes prepared by the Nomad Dancers th selves. While the Nomad collective itself is a relatively new phenomenon, created in December 2008, each of the individual dancers brings years of professional experience in various dance styles to the group, and have performed in venues ranging from universities and bassies to Washington D.C.'s Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, to the majestic Registan Square in Samarkand, Uzbekistan; from across the United States to Italy, Greece, Cyprus, India and Afghanistan. The Nomad collective is dedicated to bringing master teachers from around the world to help us refine our skills and craft our choreographies, better enabling us to bring diverse audiences together, and to spread cultural awareness of the region. In September of 2013, The Nomad Dancers, accompanied by choreographer and Central Asian Dance Consultant Olimdjon Beknazarov, made an unforgettable two-week tour of Uzbekistan. The Nomad Dancers appeared on several television programs, toured historic sites in Samarkand and Bukhara, participated in a colloquium at the American bassy in Tashkent, and performed onstage with pop star Sherzod Bek in a sold-outemperformance at the Istiqlol Palace Theater in Uzbekistan. The Nomad Dancers are proud to have been the first American dance company to perform traditional Uzbek dances to the accompaniment of a live performance by Uzbek musicians.