David Ott

David Ott (July 5, 1947 -) By Julie Riegg An established American composer, David Ott has been cited as one the “greatest contributors to American symphonic music in the 1980s and 1990s”. His compositions are among the most frequently performed of any American composer since the 1940's. In addition to concertos (Triple Brass Concerto for Trumpet, Trombone, Horn and Orchestra (1990) and Overture on an American Hymn for Chamber Orchestra (1992), and symphonies ( String Symphony (1990)), he also has composed music for various operas ( Lucinda Hero (1985)). David Ott, was born in Crystal Falls, Michigan on July 5, 1947. He studied at the University of Wisconsin in Platteville and earned a Bachelor's degree in music education in 1969. He earned a master's degree in piano performance from Indiana University in 1971. He continued his music education at the University of Kentucky, receiving his doctorate in music theory and composition in 1982. Ott has received numerous awards including the 1986 Fisher Fellowship, the Lancaster Symphony's 1995 Symphony Composer of the Year Award, the 2003 Music Alive Award and the Pace Eminent Scholar. He has served as the composer-in-residence of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra and as the music director/conductor of the Northwest Florida Symphony Orchestra. He is currently in residence at the University of Evansville with the Music Alive Program. The program is designed to support the presentation of new music to the public and build support for new music within its institution.