Paul Winter Sextet

The Paul Winter Sextet is a jazz sextet from the post-bop era of the early 1960's, and it is a 50th anniversary reunion of the Sextet band. The program will include repertoire from the Sextet's historic concert at the Kennedy White House on November 19, 1962. This happened to be the first jazz concert ever presented in the White House. The Paul Winter Sextet erged in Chicago during Paul’s years at Northwestern University. After winning the 1961 Intercollegiate Jazz Festival, the band was signed to Columbia Records by legendary producer John Hammond. In 1962 the Sextet recorded its first three albums, and, on recommendation from Festival judges Dizzy Gillespie and Hammond, was sent by the State Department on a six-month tour of 23 countries of Latin America. “The Sextet was conceived as a kind of little ‘big band,’” says Paul, “and with our instrumentation of three horns and rhythm, it has quite a different sound from that of the Paul Winter Consort, which people have known me for during the last several decades. But on a primary level, it’s all the same lineage: a spirit of celebration, in the d ocracy of ensemble, aspiring toward a balance between the improvised and the composed.”