Puck Puppet Theatre

The Book with Apolodor is not only a famous tale but also a great po written by Gellu Naum, one of the greatest Romanian avant-garde poets. The story is about a little penguin from a great circus in Bucharest who has a full-time job as a tenor and entertainer, a bit of an actor on the ice rink. One day Apolodor said, “You know, I’m all for acting and singing as a tenor in a circus…but I so miss my life of yore (in Penguin: meeaDuooor! meeaDuoor!) and dallying with brother I adore.” The story describes Apolodor’s great journey back to Labrador, an imaginary journey around the world, taking him on a voyage over iceberg peaks, winding down straight to the North Pole and its blinding lights, flying over Africa and around America, even to Arizona’s Camelback Mountain… The performance was presented at Arizona State University and at The Puppet Theatre in Phoenix, USA in October 2010. It was also performed in Hyeres, France in November 2010 and in Bialystok, Poland, at the Festival of the Romanian Culture in December 2010. In addition, The Book with Apolodor was awarded two prizes at national festivals in Romania. Dana Bontidean, Calin Muresan, and Silviu Rusti, actors Mona Marian, artistic director