Technology meets tradition as cutting edge live electronica and digital technologies combine with the traditional sounds of Punjab.??Produced and commissioned by UK based Asian Arts Agency, PunjabTronix is an exciting new international collaboration between award-winning British-Indian electronic music producer DJ Swami and traditional Punjabi folk stars, synchronised with unique live mixed digital projections. Receiving rave reviews from critics and audiences alike during its debut tour of the UK in July 2017, this exciting fusion project heads to the USA this Spring. Combining live electronic dance music with Punjabi dhol drums, vocals, stringed instruments and the hypnotic sounding double flute algoza, the powerful distinct rhythms and traditional melodies of the Punjab interact creatively with live electronic drum machines, synthesiser arpeggios and basslines. The electric live show features a number of traditional Punjabi folk songs, such as Jugni, Heer and Challa, reimagined for PunjabTronix, withemelectronic beats, Punjabi folk instruments and stunning live visuals combining to produce a mesmerising spectacle. Alongside electronic music producer DJ Swami, the project features Punjabi folk musician Vijay Yamla, an extremely talented multi-instrumentalist and grandson of legendary Punjabi folk singer Yamla Jatt, who brings his vast musical experience to the project, playing instruments such as Tumbi, Tumba, Algoza and Bugchu. The group also features Naresh Kuki, one of the most talented Dhol and Dholak players in Punjab, sought after Sarangi player, Dheera Singh, and talented Punjabi folk singer Gurtej Singh. Live visuals, mixing live performance capture and stunning Punjabi landscapes, are by UK based filmmaker, John Minton. ?PunjabTronix is a cutting edge experience of technology and British electronic music connecting with the raw energetic DNA of Punjab - culminating in an exciting new musical and visual experience.??Produced and managed by Asian Arts Agency.??For more information, live videos and music, visit: www.punjabtronix.co.uk