Quilomboarte Collective

Quilomboarte is a peripheral cultural production conglomerate; a platform that has as its objective the creation of alternative networks of solidarity between counter-heg onic artists and the syst ically invisibilized around the world. We defend a decolonial agenda that arises from the historical margins of our own bodies.  Concerts, workshops, lectures, film screenings, theater, cultural exchanges, artistic residencies, are just some of the production formats that we have been developing since 2005.We are an extended family of creators. Bocafloja Poet, Rap artist, scholar, cultural ambassador, and founder of the Quilomboarte collective. In addition to five professionally edited music albums being “Patologías del Invisible Incómodo” his most awarded musical project, and having toured internationally throughout 15 countries, Bocafloja has transgressed into one of the most revered icons in the Spanish speaking Hip Hop communities. In 2008 published his first book ImaRginación. Prognosis is his second literary project. Race relations, decolonial narrative, and the African diaspora in Latin America studies are fundamental topics addressed in his body of work. He was born in Mexico City and lives in New York City.  http://www. ancipassion.com/ HACHE ST Hache ST is a writer and spoken word artist, member of Quilomboarte Collective. Hache ST depicts the untold story by the heg onic civilizing speech of  Latin America, using Hip Hop as a tool of politicization through clever rhymes and deep reviews that highlight issues such as racism, memory, the patriarchal syst, education and miscegenation. Musically influenced by variety of rhythms ranging from Soul, Jazz, R & B, to the Haitian Gagá all the way through classic Hip Hop. Bass lines, acoustic guitars and  percussion when composing shows a high level of versatility  that  has allowed him to work with artists from all over the world. http://hachest.bandcamp.com/