In the history of the Hip-Hop, few artists have had as great an impact on the development and progression of the art forms lyrical style as Rakim Allah. Universally referenced as one of the Masters of the Microphone and an influence and inspiration to his peers and followers alike, Rakim first exploded onto the scene with the release of iconic Eric B. is President in 1986 with long time collaborator Eric B. The single marked a turning point in the Rap world raising the bar for future cees and revolutionizing the way rhymes are delivered to this day. No serious discussion of the music greatest performers is held without a deferential accounting of his achievements, and no serious rap artist grips a microphone without channeling some of his legend. Rakim intricately intellectual lyrics draw their force from his worldly experience, inner faith and progressive cont plation; his liquid and seemingly effortless delivery often imitated but still unrivaled from a fire fueled by a deep understanding of not just Rap lyricism, but also the Jazz and R&B influences that have surrounded his family since his youth. Born and raised William Griffin in Long Island Wyandanch community, Rakim found Knowledge of Self in the parks, parties and streets of New York and, although only 16 years old at the time of his first label recording, quickly distinguished himself as a transformative entity in the rapidly globalizing Hip-Hop culture. His recordings including the all-time classics Paid In Full, Follow the Leader and The 18th Letter - have sold in the multi-millions worldwide. Billboard, Rolling Stone, MTV and a host of others consistently refer to Paid in Full as the greatest Hip-Hop album of all time a claim that is often reflected in audience polls. his personal accolades include being named the #1 Lyricist of All Time by The Source Magazine, receiving coveted BET and VH1 Lifetime achievement Awards and being nominated to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. His long list of social, government and academic commendations and accreditations include recognition from The White House, The US Congress, The Nation of Islam, The Smithsonian and a Doctorate from The University of Holland. With Gold and Platinum albums lining the walls of the 4th Broadway, MCA, I and most notably Universal labels, he has been recruited to add his star talents to projects for separately Bob, Damian and Stephen Marley, Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, Kanye West, Nas, Alicia Keys, Linkin Park, Jody Watley, Mobb Deep, Lloyd Banks, Busta Rhymes, Gang Starr, Truth Hurts and The Roots among many others. Rakim uncanny innovation was a focal point of the critically acclaimed recreation of Bob Marley Concrete Jungle, the award winning Art of Rap, HBO/Netflix Hip Hop Evolution and premier documentaries by CNN, the BBC and more. He has recorded for dozens of movie soundtracks including Juice, Brown Sugar, the Rugrats, American Psycho, Long Walk to Freedom and 8 Mile and his role model status has led world famous brands such as Nike, General Motors, The Coca Cola Company, LVMH and many more to choose him as spokesperson. Now with thirty years at the top of Hip-Hop Greatest list, The God MC Rakim Allah continues to lead so others may follow.