One year later Ms. Guerin returned to the States, armed with a cache of original pieces. In 1997 she moved to Washington, D.C. and mustered the courage to perform and record her own songs. In the fall of 2000, Guerin took the stage at Staccato, a northwest DC piano bar, and played her first gig comprised entirely of original work. On stage, Ms. Guerin's music seesaws between lovesick ballads and angry rants, each one framing a personal vignette. The Castilian influence from her tenure in Spain is evident in the upbeat "Maria." Meanwhile, melodies like "Prove Yourself" and "Blue Irish Eyes" evoke the folkie sound of her forebears, a style that has since evolved into more musically complex arrangements like "Beautiful" and "Move Me." Revival's Josh Read is a South African born D.C. native... a singer-songwriter with the band-centric leanings of indie-rock, a love of traditional American folk, and "old-fashioned 'till outlaw country music" ideals to see him through it all. Mr. Read's poetry explores topics from Smokey Robinson to Robinson Crusoe in songs about shipwrecks, loves ends, new lovers at beach parties, lost friends and Los Angeles alienation. His music evokes England's psychedelic pioneers and D.C.'s postpunk revolutionaries, building raging guitar saturated summits and quiet intimate ballads. “Putting away the more instrumentally ambitious Neil Young records, Revival singer/songwriter Josh Read has developed a sound that bodies alt-country today: slow-paced, melodic, and lyrically dense. Fans of The Band will recognize Read’s winding, pre-chorus waltzes, the hallmark of early ’70s Southern rock.” -Kriston Capps, Washington City Paper