Story Pirates

Today’s Program: In celebration of the upcoming presidential inauguration, the Story Pirates will perform five election-themed stories written by local students. Story Pirate actor and producer Sam Reiff-Pasarew has solicited original stories from D.C. area students. Since December, the Story Pirates have rehearsed several new pieces in New York, while five D.C. kids under the age of twelve await their professional debut as writers. The Story Pirates know that every child has some kind of story to tell. While many children's theater troops tell stories to children, this New York City arts education organization uses stories written by elementary school students as source material for outrageous, over-the-top, side-splitting musical plays. Adding songs, props, music videos, and puppets, the Story Pirates bring what children scribble down on paper to life on the stage. At a typical Story Pirates show, story topics run the gamut, from kung-fu ninja babies fighting crime, to the eternal love between the devil and a guy she meets at Starbucks. It's a world where cats sometimes fly and tickle monsters have been known to take over the world. Story Pirates present award-winning shows, original web content, and creative writing programs to tens of thousands of children nationwide each year. The cornerstone of the Story Pirates educational program is the Play/Write Program that combines in-class creative writing and literacy workshops for children in kindergarten through eighth grade, with a sketch show for the entire school. These young authors see their stories come to life on stage and are later recognized by the Pirates and their school after the show. By showing children that their words and ideas are important, the Story Pirates have blown the minds of over 400,000 children. "The Story Pirates teach kids a love of creative writing. It helps kids to see that their words and ideas are really important. I believe that what the Story Pirates are doing is helping America, nay, humanity—helping humanity itself. It's crazy entertaining." – Jon Stewart, The Daily Show