Teatr Figur Kraków

The TFK Theatre’s firstemperformances premiered at the 20 International Street Theatre Festival in Cracow in 2007. Since then, the theatre has been producing shows on a regular basis and organizing theater and culture workshops to educate audiences about the acting, playwriting, shadow theater, puppets, masks, and other aspects of performance art. The TFK Theater’s international team is comprised of directors, actors, set-designers, puppeteers, and prestidigitators. “In our productions we use unconventional, often self-made puppets, shadow theater, and imagination. During our workshops we teach theater and about theater. We spread the enthusiasm for performing arts amongst younger generation of theatergoers. Although we speak foreign languages, we tend to be rather silent on stage. We wander around Cracow and the whole world. With our shows we have visited small villages of Poland as well as big cities of Asia and America. We can perform in courtyards, tents, or theater halls. The greatest award is always a happy, enthusiastic audience and their sincere applause.”