Tehre a Mitha Dance Company

Tehre a Mitha Dance Company teaches, produces, and presents dance and music to individuals and groups of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The style brought through the choreographer ex plifies a generation, which while r aining rooted in its rich cultural past and proud of it, carries the dignity of centuries into the present. The Ancient blends with the contemporary, and new History is created. We believe that through dance all eph eral things can be portrayed with subtlety or with dramatic flair. Through the choreographer’s work we can reach the heart of issues, our most intimate fears and passions, our social relationships, and make th open to exploration by both the dancers and the audience. We tell stories intertwined with intricate rhythms and complex movements; with musical compositions that are melodious and powerful at the same time; lit with all the artistry of lights and colorful costumes in such a way that you should leave our performance with some part of your soul touched. Our themes are about today, about all of us, wherever we may be in the world. But we are today the way we are because of where we came from and what we were yesterday too and that is something we cherish as we step forward on the adventure of this new millennia. TMDC is known for its signature presentations: starting with dances from its Classical Bharatanatyam repertoire, it steps forward with its “Bridging it s”, and then moves to the contemporary work. Choreographer/dancer Tehre a Mitha, born and brought up in Pakistan, was trained in the Classical style of Bharatanatyam by her mother/Guru, Indu Mitha. Dancing from the age of seven, she performed her Arangatram in 1986 (during Pakistan’s most culturally repressed era) and also began to choreograph in that year. She holds a BA degree in Philosophy and English Literature and an MA in Fine Arts. In 1990 Tehre a Mitha launched into a full time professional dance career, giving solo two hour performances and then full evening presentations with her company in Pakistan: Tehre a Aabvaan Dance Productions 1993 to 1997, while also teaching dance to adults and children. She produced her first contemporary it in 1990. In 1997 she moved to the United States seeking to choreograph with more freedom.