The Alexandria Folk Dance Troupe of Egypt

Founded by the Egyptian artist Aly El Gendy in 1968 then it became the National dance troupe ofemalexandria and one of three official main dance troupes of Egypt just a few years after its start till present. The troupe method is based on and influenced by the Egyptian folklore; the performance is presented by extending the Egyptian geographical landscape from north to west and from south to east. The Alexandria folk dance troupe of Egypt has been achieving great success and awards on the regional and international level whether by performing in Egypt or participating in international festivals and events at many countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas like Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Cyprus, Greece, Armenia, Latvia, Turkey, Portugal, Austria, Bulgaria, Russia,Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan, Qatar, UAE, Iraq, China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Mexico, Cuba, Ecuador, Congo Brazzaville, Zimbabwe, Nigeria.