Adina Tal

Born in Switzerland, Adina Tal moved to Israel at the age of 20 and worked for many years as a theater actress and director. Ms. Tal has been directing plays professionally since 1979. She founded Nalaga'at Theater in 2002, after accepting the invitation to teach a drama workshop to the deaf-blind and found that the experience had changed her life. Over the course of a number of years, together with the deaf-blind group of actors, she directed and produced the play Light is Heard in Zigzag. For Ms. Tal, creating Not by Bread Alone is both the continuation of her journey with this group and her quest to find new ways of communication within the group of actors, on the stage, and with the audience. Ms. Tal is the founder, president, and artistic director of the Nalaga'at Center in Tel Aviv, Israel, and is the creator and director of Nalaga'at Theater's productions: Not by Bread Alone, Prince Rooster, and Luna Park. She has received an honorary doctorate from the Tel Aviv University for her work with Nalaga'at Theater. Current as of March 2014