The Kennedy Center

NYCB: 2 programs (Works by Balanchine, Martins, Peck, & Wheeldon; Bournonville's La Sylphide)

New York City Ballet: 2 programs (Works by Balanchine, Martins, Peck, & Wheeldon; Bournonville's La Sylphide)

Tuesday, March 1, 2016 - Sunday, March 6, 2016


The company's pioneering style is on full display with two exciting programs of narrative ballet: Peter Martins's new staging of La Sylphide and a thrilling new ballet by rising star Justin Peck.

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Peter Martins, Ballet Master in Chief
PRINCIPAL CASTING (subject to change)

[Program Timing: Approximately 3 hours]

 (Torke/Martins) [16 min., followed by a 3 min. pause]
Laracey, Stanley (Tue. & Fri. eve.)
Laracey, Catazaro (Wed.)

After the Rain 
Pas de Deux (Pärt/Wheeldon) [12 min., followed by a 3 min. pause]
T. Peck, J. Angle (Tue. & Wed. eve.)
Mearns, la Cour (Fri. eve.)
McDill, solo piano; Delmoni, solo violin (Tue., Wed. & Fri. eve.)

The Infernal Machine
(Rouse/Martins) [7 min., followed by a 20 min. intermission]
Laracey, Ramasar (Tue. & Fri. eve.)
Phelan, Chamblee (Wed. eve.)

Tschaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 2 (Tchaikovsky/Balanchine) [40 min., followed by a 20 min. intermission]

Reichlen, T. Angle, Scheller, Alberda, Applebaum, Villwock, Segin (Tue. eve.)
Reichlen, T. Angle, King, Walker, Deick, Villwock, Pollack (Wed. eve.)

Reichlen, T. Angle, Scheller, Alberda, Applebaum, Villwock, Pollack (Fri. eve.)
Walters, solo piano (Tue., Wed. & Fri. eve.)

The Most Incredible Thing (Dessner/Peck) [45 min.]
Stanley, Hyltin, Veyette, la Cour, Janzen, T. Peck (Tue., Wed. & Fri. eve) 

[Program Timing: Approximately 2-1/4 hours]

Bournonville Divertissements
 (E. Helsted, Paulli/Bournonville) [41 min.; 25-min. intermission]
Pereira, Schumacher, Mearns, T. Angle, Adams, Pollack, Woodward, King, Janzen, Scordato, Huxley (Thu. & Sat. eve)
Pazcoguin, Stanley, Reichlen, la Cour, Gerrity, Pollack, Mann, Isaacs, Walker, Sanz, Gordon (Sat. & Sun. mat.)

La Sylphide
 (Løvenskjold/Bournonville, staged by Martins) [62 min.] 
, Veyette, Pollack, Ulbricht, Pazcoguin, Muller (Thu. eve.)
Woodward, Huxley, King, Schumacher, Muller, Anderson (Sat. mat.) 
T. Peck, Garcia, King, Schumacher, Muller, Anderson (Sat. eve.)
Hyltin, Veyette, Pollack, Ulbricht, Anderson, Muller (Sun. mat.) 

With the Kennedy Center Opera House Orchestra
--Andrew Litton
, conductor (Tue., Wed., & Fri.)
--Daniel Capps, conductor (Thu., Sat. mat. & eve., Sun. mat)
"The unequaled richness of City Ballet's repertory becomes the envy of the world."
--The New York Times
"A ballet company whose arsenal of talent and art is unlike any other"
--The Washington Post
Remarkable dancers, a pioneering neo-classical style, and an ever-growing repertory fueled by today's most innovative choreographers. The hallmarks of New York City Ballet are on full display as the company co-founded by George Balanchine and Lincoln Kirstein returns for its annual engagement.
The first program includes two works by Ballet Master in Chief Peter Martins: Ash, an exuberant piece set to music by Michael Torke that requires virtuosic speed from its dancers, and The Infernal Machine pas de deux, in which a man and woman push and pull their way through a buzzing score by Christopher Rouse. Balanchine's Tschaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 2 is the choreographer's regal tribute to his Imperial Russian heritage, while Christopher Wheeldon's After the Rain pas de deux, performed to haunting music by Arvo Pärt, soars with heartfelt emotion. The program also The Most Incredible Thing, the first narrative ballet from NYCB Resident Choreographer Justin Peck, who "has quickly become the most eminent choreographer of ballet in the United States" (The New York Times). Based on Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale about a young man who creates a magnificent clock, this work for 50 dancers, including 11 children, premiered in February 2016 with a score by guitarist/composer Bryce Dessner and sets and costumes by artist Marcel Dzama.

NYCB's second program is a celebration of 19th-century Danish master August Bournonville, whose distinctive choreography is noted for its intricate footwork and demure style. Showcasing several of Bournonville's international inspirations, the program is a vibrant travelogue through Scotland and Italy. Peter Martins's new staging of La Sylphide is a classic fable of unrequited love featuring an alluring fairy and a diabolical witch, while the company's current production of Bournonville Divertissements, staged by Nilas Martins, brings together excerpts from three of the choreographer's finest ballets: the exuberant Napoli, the spirited Abdallah, and the charming and playful duet Flower Festival in Genzano

Photos by Paul Kolnik

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The Most Incredible Thing