The Kennedy Center

Bowen McCauley Dance

Bowen McCauley Dance presents: Twenty Years with Love, Bowen McCauley Dance

Friday, March 18, 2016 - Saturday, March 19, 2016

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Bowen McCauley Dance
Lucy Bowen McCauley, artistic director

Twenty Years with Love, Bowen McCauley Dance

Live music, poetry, and dance will fill the stage for Bowen McCauley Dance's 20th anniversary concert. The program features a virtuosic solo danced to the music of Juilliard professor and composer Michael White; a moving exploration of human connections performed to a live violin solo of a work by J.S. Bach; and the highly anticipated world premiere of Ars Amatoria, a playful interpretation of ancient Roman poet Ovid's three-book "instructional" writings about the arts of seduction and love. Ars Amatoria features a commissioned score by Larry Alan Smith, an award-winning composer, performer, and poet in his own right.

Performance Timing: Part One - 20 min.; Intermission - 15 min.; Part Two - 50 min.