The Kennedy Center


Korean Traditional Arts Foundation presents: Story of Korea

Saturday, November 23, 2019 7:30 PM

Story of Korea is a program featuring traditional Korean dances and ensembles composed of traditional Korean instruments.

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Korean Traditional arts Foundation
In collaboration with Korean Culture & Art of Maryland
Story of Korea


First Half features the following performances:
Samulnori; Crown Flower Dance; Arirang; Korean Traditional Instrument Ensemble; A Wishful Day; Korean Drum Dance; Innocence of Childhood; Bipa Instrumental; Sound of  the Wind

Second Half features the following performances:
—Three Drum Dance; Spring DayTaepyeongmu; "About 500 Years" Ensemble; Fan Dance; Kyongi Folk Song; Knocking on Sentiment

Performance Timing: Part One - 45 min.; Intermission - 15 min.; Part Two - 45 min.