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Saturday, March 25, 2017 2:00 PM

Spotlight on Directors Theater

In this interactive collaboration with the Sundance Institute, "audience" members reveal where they stand on issues related to the concept of "home" by virtue of where they stand in a room. This eye-opening and inspiring live experience is guided by a moderator and provoked by "Protagonist" experts who approach the topic from different perspectives.

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This spring, the Kennedy Center embarks on a new partnership with the Sundance Institute to present a series of theater pieces from Sundance alumni artists representing Palestine.

What is HOME? Is it a place, a feeling, an identity? Is it safety or belonging? Does it come with us when we move or do we leave it behind? Is the notion of "home" rapidly evolving in light of current world migration?

Creative Tensions is a format for collective conversation, expressed in movement, where participants reveal where they stand on an issue by where they stand in the room. Guided by moderator Philip Himberg, the Sundance Institute's Theater Program Director, and provoked by experts (a.k.a. "Protagonists" including Raeda Taha, a playwright and actor from Palestine living in Amman, Jordan) on issues that lie at the heart of what it means to be human, Creative Tensions explores the opposing forces that inform our daily lives. An eye-opening and inspiring live experience, Creative Tensions demonstrates the value of three fundamental concepts of human centered design--reflection, empathy, and curiosity.


"We are delighted to be able to invite the Sundance Institute to participate in this international theater exchange program, which will focus on works by artists from the Middle East, whose voices are too rarely heard in Washington."--Alicia Adams, Vice President of International Programming at the Kennedy Center.
"Our partnership with the Kennedy Center allows us to meaningfully extend the work of developing new plays from the Middle East and Northern Africa to actually presenting this work to audiences in a theatrical setting at our country's most important institution for performance."--Philip Himberg, Sundance Institute Theatre Program Artistic Director


Recommended for age 14 and up. 

Performance Timing: 60 minutes, with no intermission. Please Note: There is No Late Entry for this event.

Please Note: There is no seating at this event; patrons walk around the performance space during the event.

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