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The López-Nussa Family (part of Artes de Cuba)

Friday, May 18, 2018 7:30 PM

ARTES DE CUBA: From the Island to the World Jazz

In a rare joint performance, the López-Nussa Family--Harold (pianist), Ernan (pianist), Ruy (percussionist), and Ruy Adrian (drummer)--will showcase their impressive artistry.

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The López-Nussa Family

Collectively, the López-Nussa family has built a reputation as composers, arrangers, and interpreters, performing at venues and festivals all over the world. In a rare joint performance, the López-Nussa Family presents the impressive artistry of Harold López-Nussa (pianist), Ernan López-Nussa (pianist), Ruy López-Nussa (percussionist), and Ruy Adrian López-Nussa (drummer).

Hang around for late-night fun with “Noches Cubanas”!
Every Thursday and Friday during Artes de Cuba from 9:30 p.m. to midnight, head to the Atrium after your evening show to enjoy spontaneous, free live entertainment with one or more of the artists featured during the festival! Purchase a cocktail at the Atrium bar, explore the visual art installations, and mingle with some of our very special guests in this exciting late-night lounge atmosphere. Please note capacity in the Atrium is limited each evening, so be sure to make your way to the Roof Terrace Level as early as you can.

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