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Page-to-Stage New Play Festival - SATURDAY, AUG. 31 (18th Annual)

Saturday, August 31, 2019 10:00 AM

Page-to-Stage New Play Festival

Join more than 70 D.C.-area theater companies at the Kennedy Center for a series of free readings and open rehearsals of plays and musicals.

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The 18th Annual Page-to-Stage New Play Festival

Saturday, August 31, 9:30 a.m.–10 p.m.

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Venues throughout the Kennedy Center
FREE! No tickets required, limited seating available.

Now entering its 18th year, Page-to-Stage was created to fill the Washington, D.C. theater community's need for an accessible space to perform and workshop new plays. During this festival, theater artists receive feedback and network with others, allowing them to refine their work and develop relationships that lead to later collaborations. The free performances reflect the dynamic make-up of all corners of the city, whether you are a newcomer or a veteran to theater.

Limited seating available on a first-come, first-served basis.
General Admission seating opens approximately 30 minutes prior to each event.
Please Note: There is no free parking when attending free events.

Please see bottom of the page for full description of each work. Programs, artists, and schedules are subject to change without notice.

4615 Theatre; Adventure Theatre MTC; African-American Collective Theater (ACT); Alliance for New Music-Theatre; Arts on the Horizon; ArtStream; Baltimore Playwrights Festival; Best Medicine Rep; Bowie State University/Kent State University; Brave Soul Collective; Briar Road Productions; Catholic University of America; Company Lambe-Lambe; Conscience Drama Directive; Crash of Rhinos; D.R. Creative Collab; Dance and Bmore; The Essential Theater; Factory 449; Federal Theatre Project; Ford’s Theatre; FRESHH INC THEATRE COMPANY; Georgetown University; Guillotine Theatre Company; Happy Theater; The Highwood Theatre; HUEMANATI ARTIST COLLECTIVE; The In Series; The Indian Ocean Theatre Company; InterAct Story Theatre; The Interrobang Theatre Company; The Law Theater Project; Liberated Muse Arts Group; MetroStage; Monumental Theatre Co; Mosaic Theater Company of DC; Naked Theatre Company; Nu Sass Productions; One Off Productions; Pinky Swear Productions; Pipeline Playwrights; Playwrights Collaborative; Playwrights Group of Baltimore; Project 2020; Radiator Productions; Rainbow Theatre Project; Reliant Theatre; Rep Stage; The Rose Theatre Co.; Safe Streets Arts Foundation; Scena Theatre; Sir Harvey Fitz Productions; Spooky Action Theater; Synetic Theater
Theatre Prometheus; Theatre51; Three Princes Theatre; Tonic Theater Company; Too Much Damn (TMD) Theater; Transformation Theatre, Inc.; Unexpected Stage Company; Unknown Penguin; Venus Theatre Company; Voices Unbarred; Washington Improv Theater; The Washington Rogues
Washington Stage Guild; Washington Women in Theatre; The Welders; Who What Where Theater Collective; Young Playwrights’ Theater (YPT)

Parental Advisory/Explicit Content Guide
L – Language; D – Drugs; S – Sex; M – Mature Themes; V – Violence
PPD – Post-Performance Discussion

(AR) African Room – Opera House; (AT) Atrium; (BR) Bird Room - Concert Hall; (CH) Concert Hall; (CL) Chinese Lounge; (FT) Family Theater
(HON) Hall of Nations; (IL) Israeli Lounge – Concert Hall; (JF) Justice Forum at the REACH; (MSN) Millennium Stage North; (MSS) Millennium Stage South; (NAF) North Atrium Foyer; (PT) PT-109 at the REACH; (RTR) Roof Terrace Restaurant; (RL) Russian Lounge – Opera House; (SAF) South Atrium Foyer; (TG) Terrace Gallery; (TT) Terrace Theater

Schedule for Saturday, August 31

10 a.m.
Indian Ocean Theater (TG)
Passing, 60 min. + PPD
Guillotine Theater Company (PT)
Classics and the Cutting Edge: What Happens Stays
and Rape Upon Rape, 30 min. +PPD
Federal Theatre Project (JF)
In a Cloudless Sky, 90 min. + PPD

10:30 a.m.
Monumental Theatre Co (TT)
Montgomery, 120 min. + PPD
FRESHH Inc Theatre Company (FT)
Inside the Sister Cipher, 90 min. + PPD
Arts on the Horizon (MSN)
Squeakers and Mr. Gumdrop, 30 min. +PPD
Liberated Muse Arts Group (IL)
Color in a Sphere of Monochrome, 60 min. +PPD
Spooky Action Theater (AT)
Bread, 120 min. +PPD

11 a.m.
The Highwood Theatre (CH)
Community: Growing Through Change, 90 min.
Washington Stage Guild (BR)
Dead Air, 90 min. +PPD
Playwrights Collaborative (SAF)
Collaborative Shorts, 90 min. +PPD

11:30 a.m.
Happy Theater (MSS)
Nest, 30 min. +PPD

12 p.m.
Nu Sass Productions (PT)
Nu Drafts, 90 min. +PPD

12:30 p.m.
Seventh Street Playhouse (TG)
Eaton Woman, 120 min. +PPD

1:30 p.m.
The Interrobang Theatre Company (IL)
Here We Are, 90 min. +PPD

2 p.m.
Scena Theatre (MSS)
Sea, 90 min. +PPD
Catholic University (BR)
Catholic University MFA Playwrights, 120 min.

2:30 p.m.
Theatre Prometheus (SAF)
You Were Mine, 60 min.
Factory 449 (JF)
Thank you, Dad, 120 min. +PPD
Brave Soul Collective (AT)
#BlackGayRage, 90 min. +PPD

3 p.m.
Too Much Damn (TMD) Theater (CH)
Use Your Words, 90 min. +PPD
Sir Harvey Fitz (FT)
Poetic Vibes, 60 min. +PPD

4 p.m.
4615 Theatre (TT)
The Infinite Tales, 60 min. +PPD
Washington Improv Theater (PT)
I Wrote That, 60 min. +PPD

4:30 p.m.
Playwrights Group of Baltimore (IL)
The Bridge Plays, 90 min. +PPD
Project 2020 (TG)
The Last Battle of the American Revolution,
90 min. +PPD

5 p.m.
The Essential Theatre (SAF)
Kissing Che, 90 min. +PPD

5:30 p.m.
Three Princes Theatre (BR)
Juniper Jones and the Rocket She Built,
90 min. +PPD

6 p.m.
Too Much Damn (TMD) Theater (MSS)
“Airquote Ladylike” Vol. 2 – Concert of Women
Musical Theater Creators, 90 min.

6:30 p.m.
Unknown Penguin (JF)
What She Said, 60 min. +PPD

7 p.m.
Theatre51 (PT)
Now to Ashes, 90 min. +PPD
African-American Collective Theater (ACT) (AT)
Come to Find Out…, 120 min. +PPD

7:30 p.m.
Tonic Theater (FT)
Places, 60 min. +PPD

8 p.m.
Washington Rogues (TG)
Reasons for Leaving, 90 min. +PPD
Safe Streets Arts Foundation (TT)
Jailhouse Confessions: Bloodcurdling and Bizarre
Stories from the Lock-Up, 90 min. +PPD
Conscience Drama Directive (IL)
Seen and Unseen, 60 min. +PPD

8:30 p.m.
Sir Harvey Fitz (SAF)
Reflections, 60 min.


4615 Theatre
The Infinite Tales
Adapted and directed by Gregory Keng Strasser
Forced out of their home and cursed to live out 900 years as swans, four children struggle against the toil of war, changing times, and
the fate of their people. To fulfill the curse, they must spend each third of their exile, only to be confronted by ancient enemies
and newer unfamiliar threats. Clinging to the prospect of returning home, the children share their enchanting songs in exchange for
tidings of their friends and family. The Infinite Tales is a new adaptation of Irish mythology and a meditation on the dissonance of being thrust from one’s home. Drama, Adventure. Recommended for general audiences.

African-American Collective Theater (ACT)
Come To Find Out...
Written and directed by Alan Sharpe
Sassy/Sexy/Serious/Silly…ACT presents another collection of short works in which members of D.C.’s African American LGBTQ+ community struggle to find themselves, their voices, love and/or sexual fulfillment, then find ways to live authentic lives rooted in their respective truths. Drama, Comedy. Recommended for Adults Only.

Arts on the Horizon
Squeakers and Mr. Gumdrop
Written and directed by
Natalie Cutcher and Amanda Forstrom
One snowy winter morning, Mr. Gumdrop prepares for his annual holiday party! When an unexpected visitor arrives, a curiously
rambunctious mouse named Squeakers, Mr. Gumdrop’s routine is thrown for a loop. Can these two wildly different characters work together to get the holiday preparations done in time? This nonverbal, imaginative production captures the magic of making new friends and sharing ideas to accomplish big goals. Family, Interactive. Recommended for general audiences.

Brave Soul Collective
Brave Soul Collective presents #BlackGayRage
Written by Alan Sharpe, Monte J. Wolfe,
Anthony Green, Jarden Shamberger
Directed by Monte J. Wolfe, Alan Sharpe, and Jared Shamberger
This evening of performances celebrates black gay existence and many of the challenges faced by Black LGBTQ people. Through
theatrical monologues, short scenes, and personal testimonies, the pieces presented in #BlackGayRage will examine anger, fear, violence, and many of the subsequent emotions and life experiences encountered by queer people of color as a result of homophobia, racism, transphobia, and toxic masculinity. Drama. Recommended for Adults Only.

Catholic University of America
Catholic University MFA Playwrights
Written and directed by Kelly Armstrong and Caroline Reilly
Works in progress by MFA playwrights. Drama, Comedy. Recommended for ages 13 and up.

Conscience Drama Directive
Seen and Unseen
Written by James H. Fox
Directed by Marietta Hedges
Assistant directed by David Paglin
Seen and Unseen is a dark contemporary tragicomedy about the amoral debacle of aging and institutional senior care in modern-day
America. It takes its inspiration from the medieval morality play EVERYMAN—taking 95-year old Ruth Bernstein, savagely sardonic and very much in possession of her faculties, through the anguish and grotesque, absurd, incomprehensible injustice of the slipping away of health, family, friends, purpose, and finally, time. Drama. Recommended for ages 13 and up.

The Essential Theater
Kissing Che
Written by Augusto Amador
Directed by S. Robert Morgan
Miami, Florida, 1984. Four years after the Mariel Boatlift, a man named Reina is dying in a nursing home claiming to have been
Cuba’s last famous drag queen and to have had a passionate love affair with the Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara. Tamika, an African
American nurse, strikes up a friendship with him. United by untold pasts, shared confessions change their lives forever against the background of Cuba in the late 60s and 70s, when the Castro regime begins its systematic and brutal persecution of homosexuals. Drama. Recommended for ages 13 and up.

Federal Theatre Project
In a Cloudless Sky
Written and directed by Kevin Finkelstein
The story of a woman’s journey through self discovery, In a Cloudless Sky examines themes of love and introspection through the prism
of human flight. In present day, Washington, D.C., Isabel Rohguh is smart, determined, and motivated; successful in her career at the expense of her personal life and well-being. When humanity discovers that they can fly,the world stretches out before them, and existing paradigms shift. What was old seems new again, and Isabel sees new hope in past ills, trying to make a relationship work with her on-again, off-again girlfriend and best friend, Leslie. Shiny isn’t everlasting, however, and soon humanity falls back into predictable patterns. Drama, Comedy. Recommended for general audiences.

Inside the Sister Cipher
Written by Nina Angela Mercer
Directed by Tanisha Christie
A tribute to Lorraine Hansberry through theater. Drama, Immersive. Recommended for Adults Only.

Guillotine Theatre
What Happens Stays and Rape Upon Rape
Written by Cate Brewer and Henry Fielding
Directed by Catherine Aselford
This is a reading that juxtaposes two pieces. One is a contemporary piece by Cate Brewer focused on themes of sexual assault from
two different perspectives, based on the Kavanaugh/Blasey-Ford hearings. The other is an 18th century piece that explores similar themes in a more melodramatic genre. Who do we believe? Who is credible and why? Drama, Comedy. Recommended for Adults Only.

Happy Theater
Written and directed by Natasha Mirny
Nest is the story of a baby bird told through the language of physical theater, sensory props, and puppetry. In a fantasy world made from a “nest” of pillows and blankets, parents and children transform into bird families that crawl, jump, and dance as they pretend to hatch, feed, and fly. Through this theatrical experience, parents learn dramatic play strategies they can continue to explore at home as meaningful and developmentally appropriate play with their children. Family, Interactive, Storytelling, Physical Theater. Recommended for general audiences.

The Highwood Theatre
Community: Growing Through Change
Written and directed by The Highwood Theatre
The Highwood Theatre presents a selection of scenes, songs, and monologues from their upcoming 17th season.

The Indian Ocean Theatre Company
Written by John Sowalsky
Directed by Harley Venton
The Holocaust has its own DNA. Passing is an original, full-length drama which depicts how the Holocaust casts a long shadow over the lives of three generations of women between 1945 and the present day. Passing focuses on issues of persecution, identity, forgiveness, and justice. Its central message, which is more timely and important now than ever before, is a simple one: Never forget. Drama. Recommended for ages 13 and up.

The Interrobang Theatre Company
Here We Are
Written by Jen Diamond
Directed by Katie Hileman
Amelia was the first female pilot to fly around the world. She’s also dead. When she wakes up, she finds herself in the Underworld, forced by Death to unearth the worst things about her time on Earth in order to forget them once and for all. Musical. Drama. Recommended for ages
13 and up.

Liberated Muse Arts Group
Color in a Sphere of Monochrome
Written by Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman,
Susan O’Hara, Deidre Gantt,
Kelly Canavan, Tichaona Chinyelu
Directed by Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman
Incorporating theatre, poetry, and movement, Color in a Sphere of Monochrome is an experimental anthology of monologues sharing the lived experiences of women over 30. An exploration of identity through the lens of the familiar to the unlikely—from motherhood, health, and domestic abuse to math and gardening. Drama. Recommended for ages 13 and up.

Monumental Theatre Co
Written by Britt Bonney
Directed by Kevin McAllister
This musical follows the story of Claudette Colvin, the first African American woman to refuse to give up her seat on a bus in Montgomery Alabama. Musical. Recommended for general audiences.

Nu Sass Productions
Nu Drafts
Written by Angela Kay Pirko
Directed by Nu Sass Productions
A selection of short plays, and excerpts from works in progress. A tasting menu of things yet to come for Nu Sass. Recommended for general audiences.

Playwrights Collaborative
Collaborative Shorts
Written and directed by members of Playwrights Collaborative
Short plays, sustainably sourced, by local playwrights. Drama, Comedy. Recommended for ages 13 and up.

Playwrights Group of Baltimore
The Bridge Plays
Written by Susan Middaugh, Rich Espey, Rosemary Toohey, Dwight Cook, John Conley, SJ, Kevin Kostic, and Amy Bernstein
Directed by Playwrights Group of Baltimore
These are seven short plays by seven different playwrights featuring a bridge theme. Drama, Comedy. Recommended for ages 13 and up.

Project 2020
The Last Battle of the American Revolution
Written by Kimberley Lynne
Directed by John Judy
WOMEN’S SUFFRAGE! . . .VOTES FOR WOMEN!. . . More than a century ago, these were the rallying cries from the women’s
suffrage movement that culminated with the 19th amendment, giving many women the right to vote. Join Project 2020 as we present and preview a medley of scenes from stage works that celebrate and relate to events from the struggle for women’s voting rights in the United States.

Safe Streets Arts Foundation
Jailhouse Confessions: Bloodcurdling and Bizarre Stories from the Lock-Up
Written by Tom Kropp, Michael Brown,
Gigi Smith, and others
Directed by Dennis Sobin
Witness bloodcurdling and bizarre stories from jails and prisons across America, many including celebrities. Drama, Comedy, Musical. Recommended for Adults Only.

Scena Theatre
Written by Jon Fosse
Directed by Robert McNamara
An episodic tale of lost love in the otherworld that unfolds as past relationships meet present realities. A shipmaster guides a strange group of travelers through a modern-day Hades to salvation. By Norway’s top writer Jon Fosse. Drama. Recommended for general audiences.

Sir Harvey Fitz Productions
Poetic Vibes
Written and directed by Harvey Fitz
Poetic Vibes is an artistic environment for creatives and lovers of poetry, music, and spoken word. Inspiration, cultivation, and representation of our individual life experiences and challenges draw us together to wade in a watering hole of kinetic synergy. Artists from varying mediums of the arts commune and share their passions via their gifts and talents in the liberal and performing arts. Musical, Interactive, An open mic experience. Recommended for ages 13 and up.
Written by Dan Teano
Directed by Harvey Fitz
Reflections is a compilation of rhythmic and rhyming spoken-word-stanzas, spilled by someone who is trying to understand the problems he has in his current love life. Through storytelling, metaphors, and punchlines, the main character traces his issues with intimacy back to his childhood. Audiences will see how once we get over our own misery, we will be able to love our partner deeply, and consciously create a life we are proud to call our own. Drama, Immersive. Recommended for ages 13 and up.

Spooky Action Theater
Written by Jaclyn Enchin
Directed by Shanara Gabrielle
A young apprentice working in a bakery in 1940s France is given a gift by a kleptomaniac girl, which happens to be the original Mona Lisa painting. Hilarity ensues as the apprentice tries to avoid his inevitable fate by using clumsy and impulsive tactics to get rid of the thing. There’s no telling how the crime of the century will be brought to justice. Drama, Comedy. Recommended for ages 13 and up.

Thank you, Dad
Written by Aladrian C. Wetzel
Directed by Rick Hammerly
In 1978, in a South American jungle, the Reverend Jim Jones ordered the deaths of more than 900 members of his Peoples Temple in the largest mass murder/suicide in modern history. Thank you, Dad presents Jones at three points in his life: his first ministries in Indiana in the 1950s, his progressive services in California in the ’60s, and his fatal final sermon in Jonestown, Guyana. Drama. Recommended for Adults Only.

Now to Ashes
Written by Renae Erichsen-Teal and Sarah Pultz
Directed by Sarah Pultz
In the 1830s, a group of women in Philadelphia catapulted the abolitionist movement from a radical fringe group to a viable political force that changed the course of history. In reaction to their efforts, the insidious oppression of racial injustice evolved. This is the story of the work they started and the work still to be done. Drama, Musical. Recommended for ages 13 and up.

Theatre Prometheus
You Were Mine
Written by Rachel Lynett
Directed by Theatre Prometheus
Jack, spouse to Aisling and partner to Noah, has died. Brought together by the loss of their shared partner, Aisling and Noah come
together for a long-overdue conversation, working through their deep, complex relationship with the person they both loved. Rachel Lynett’s You Were Mine—by turns funny, sad, and moving—is an intimate story exploring queerness, polyamory, grief, and healing. Drama, Comedy. Recommended for ages 13 and up.

Three Princes Theatre
Juniper Jones and the Rocket She Built
Written by David J. Hills
Directed by Ben Kleymeyer
Juniper Jones is building a rocket to another planet. She’s just not sure which one. Pregnant with an astronaut’s child, Juniper finds herself
torn between her little sister and best friend on Earth and the possibility of a future far from home. Told through poetry, vignette, and the unreliable lens of speculation, Juniper Jones and the Rocket She Built explores the tensions between motherhood and sisterhood, the families we’re born with and the families we choose. Drama, Musical. Recommended for ages 13 and up.

Tonic Theater Company
Written by Romy Nordlinger
Directed by Cailin Heffernan
Places tells the story of Alla Nazimova, the rule-breaking, lesbian Broadway and  Hollywood legend. From a Jewish immigrant fleeing Tsarist Russia to Hollywood’s first female director and producer, Nazimova was a trailblazer who wouldn’t be silenced. Nordlinger’s solo performance reimagines one of the most daring and censored artists of the 20th century who tells it like it was… and still is. A constant video stream is projected behind and onto the performer throughout the play, becoming a part of her. Drama. Recommended for ages 13 and up.

Too Much Damn (TMD) Theater
Use Your Words
Written by four young playwrights
Directed by Marketa Nicholson
Use Your Words is a set of four plays written by four young playwrights ages 5–12 years old. By writing and producing 10- to 15-minute
plays, TMD Theater is aiming to teach these young playwrights to find their voices, learn to enjoy theater, and value theater’s everyday importance. Musical. Recommended for general audiences.
“Airquote Ladylike” Vol. 2 - Concert of Women Musical
Theater Creators
Written by Various
Directed by Bryanda Minix
This concert series highlights women identifying musical theater songwriters and composers, celebrating their amazing voices and contributions to musical theater. Each creator will share songs from musicals they have written, are writing, will write, or is a mini musical in itself. These musical theater creators are reclaiming the narrative and the word ladylike by showing all they can be through their music and creative storytelling. Comedy, Historical. Recommended for ages 13 and up.

Unknown Penguin
What She Said
Written by Patrick Flynn and
Michelle Polera
Directed by Patrick Flynn
The best way to find a life partner is to be whatever they want you to be. At least that’s her theory. A woman arrives in a hotel room with 60 minutes to prepare her presentation on the “Adapt/Adopt/Improve Method for Dating Success.” That’s the starting place for What She Said, a brand-new one-woman show starring Michelle Polera. Full of truth, humor, and maybe some too-close-to-home discomfort. Drama, Comedy. Recommended for ages 13 and up.

Washington Improv Theater
I Wrote That
Written by Ryan Brookshire, Elaine Colwell, Elizabeth Fulton, Isabel Galbraith, Tim Harkin, Nina Hsu,
Kristina Martinex, Olivia Martinez, Jordana Mishory, Jamal Newman, and Joe Randazzo
Directed by Jordana Mishory
The cast, comprised of improvisers who perform and teach at Washington Improv Theater, will bring plays they have previously written, with enough copies as there are parts. Only the author will have seen the play before the show has started. Many of these plays were written in our younger days (think elementary and middle school). We will read aloud the first scenes before dropping the scripts and improvising the rest of the show. Drama, Comedy, Interactive, Variety, Theatre of the Oppressed. Recommended for ages 13 and up.

The Washington Rogues
Reasons for Leaving
Written by Jenny Lane
Directed by Ryan Taylor
We never stop coming of age. Rowan is 16, pregnant, and might be in love with her best friend Miranda. June is 32, desperate for Rowan not to repeat her mistakes, and might be in love with Rowan’s dad Ben. In the American Southwest, secrets runs deep, talk radio runs all night, and America’s not quite great again. A timely, raw, and queer new drama from Jenny Lane, the playwright behind Agents of Azeroth, To Fall in Love, and Harlowe. Recommended for ages 13 and up.

Washington Stage Guild
Dead Air
Written by Greg Jones Ellis
Directed by Bill Largess
A popular radio personality has become a TV treasure, thanks to her on-air charisma and down-to-earth advice. Along the way, fans
have loved her stories of “my son the genius,” a never-seen character who has become a trademark part of her show’s identity. At
home, however, the reclusive son is actually a bitter critic of his mother’s exploitation. What happens when convincing the son to appear on air becomes the key to keeping her top place in daytime TV? Comedy. Recommended for Adults Only.