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Page-to-Stage New Play Festival - MONDAY, SEP. 2 (18th Annual)

Monday, September 2, 2019 10:00 AM

Page-to-Stage New Play Festival

Join more than 70 D.C.-area theater companies at the Kennedy Center for a series of free readings and open rehearsals of plays and musicals.

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The 18th Annual Page-to-Stage New Play Festival

Monday, September 2, 9 a.m.–10 p.m.

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Venues throughout the Kennedy Center
FREE! No tickets required, limited seating available.

Now entering its 18th year, Page-to-Stage was created to fill the Washington, D.C. theater community's need for an accessible space to perform and workshop new plays. During this festival, theater artists receive feedback and network with others, allowing them to refine their work and develop relationships that lead to later collaborations. The free performances reflect the dynamic make-up of all corners of the city, whether you are a newcomer or a veteran to theater.

Limited seating available on a first-come, first-served basis.
General Admission seating opens approximately 30 minutes prior to each event.
Please Note: There is no free parking when attending free events.

Please see bottom of the page for full description of each work. Programs, artists, and schedules are subject to change without notice.

4615 Theatre; Adventure Theatre MTC; African-American Collective Theater (ACT); Alliance for New Music-Theatre; Arts on the Horizon; ArtStream; Baltimore Playwrights Festival; Best Medicine Rep; Bowie State University/Kent State University; Brave Soul Collective; Briar Road Productions; Catholic University of America; Company Lambe-Lambe; Conscience Drama Directive; Crash of Rhinos; D.R. Creative Collab; Dance and Bmore; The Essential Theater; Factory 449; Federal Theatre Project; Ford’s Theatre; FRESHH INC THEATRE COMPANY; Georgetown University; Guillotine Theatre Company; Happy Theater; The Highwood Theatre; HUEMANATI ARTIST COLLECTIVE; The In Series; The Indian Ocean Theatre Company; InterAct Story Theatre; The Interrobang Theatre Company; The Law Theater Project; Liberated Muse Arts Group; MetroStage; Monumental Theatre Co; Mosaic Theater Company of DC; Naked Theatre Company; Nu Sass Productions; One Off Productions; Pinky Swear Productions; Pipeline Playwrights; Playwrights Collaborative; Playwrights Group of Baltimore; Project 2020; Radiator Productions; Rainbow Theatre Project; Reliant Theatre; Rep Stage; The Rose Theatre Co.; Safe Streets Arts Foundation; Scena Theatre; Sir Harvey Fitz Productions; Spooky Action Theater; Synetic Theater
Theatre Prometheus; Theatre51; Three Princes Theatre; Tonic Theater Company; Too Much Damn (TMD) Theater; Transformation Theatre, Inc.; Unexpected Stage Company; Unknown Penguin; Venus Theatre Company; Voices Unbarred; Washington Improv Theater; The Washington Rogues
Washington Stage Guild; Washington Women in Theatre; The Welders; Who What Where Theater Collective; Young Playwrights’ Theater (YPT)

Parental Advisory/Explicit Content Guide
L – Language; D – Drugs; S – Sex; M – Mature Themes; V – Violence
PPD – Post-Performance Discussion

(AR) African Room – Opera House; (AT) Atrium; (BR) Bird Room - Concert Hall; (CH) Concert Hall; (CL) Chinese Lounge; (FT) Family Theater
(HON) Hall of Nations; (IL) Israeli Lounge – Concert Hall; (JF) Justice Forum at the REACH; (MSN) Millennium Stage North; (MSS) Millennium Stage South; (NAF) North Atrium Foyer; (PT) PT-109 at the REACH; (RTR) Roof Terrace Restaurant; (RL) Russian Lounge – Opera House; (SAF) South Atrium Foyer; (TG) Terrace Gallery; (TT) Terrace Theater

Schedule for Monday, September 2

9:30 a.m.
D.R. Creative (TG)
Nice & Lily, 90 min. + PPD
InterAct Story Theatre (MSN)
The Ballad of Bobtail Bong Bong, 45 min. +PPD
Voices Unbarred (CL)
Dear America: Disconnect Between Perception & Truth,
120 min. +PPD

10 a.m.
Venus Theatre (TT)
The Powers That Be, 120 min.
Washington Women in Theatre (AR)
Stella Adler, 90 min. +PPD
Washington Stage Guild (RTR)
A Thing of Beauty, 90 min. +PPD

10:30 a.m.
Young Playwrights Theater (FT)
In the Mind of a 21-Year-Old Art Student, 60 min. +PPD
Bowie & Kent State University (AT)
120 min. +PPD

11 a.m.
Adventure Theatre MTC (MSS)
The Velveteen Rabbit, 60 min. +PPD
The Rose Theatre Co. (IL)
The Murder on the Links by Agatha Christie,
60 min. +PPD
MetroStage (RL)
Cousin Bella Whore of Minsk, 90 min. +PPD
Baltimore Playwrights Festival (SAF)
That Woman, 90 min. +PPD

1 p.m.
Huemanati Artist Collective (MSN)
Day Dream, 90 min. +PPD

1:30 p.m.
Bassey Ikpi (TG)
Book Discussion, 90 min.
D.R. Creative Collab (CL)
The Gift, 90 min. +PPD
Briar Road Productions (AR)
Conference Room A, 30 min. +PPD
Reliant Theatre (RTR)
Mine to Take, 60 min. +PPD

2 p.m.
Pinky Swear Productions (IL)
The Regular, 120 min. +PPD
Artstream (RL)
Inclusive Theatre Company Musical, 30 min. +PPD

2:30 p.m.
Unexpected Stage Company (FT)
Pelicans, 90 min. +PPD
Naked Theatre Company (TT)
River Rouge, 150 min. +PPD
Georgetown University (SAF)
Fandom for Robots, 90 min. +PPD

3 p.m.
Pipeline Playwrights (BR)
UNFOCUSED, 90 min.

3:30 p.m.
Best Medicine Rep (TG)
The Fifth Date, 90 min.
The Welders (AT)
The earth that is sufficient, 60 min.
Welders 3.0: A Look Ahead, 60 min.
One Off Productions (RTR)
Company K, 90 min. +PPD
Company Lambe-Lambe (HON)
Son Titere, 3 min. performance, ongoing for 150 min.

4 p.m.
The Law Theater Project (AR)
Professor Ginsburg’s Trumpet: Frontiero v.
Richardson The Play, 90 min. +PPD

4:30 p.m.
Mosaic Theater Company of DC (RL)
Inherit The Windbag, 60 min. +PPD

5 p.m.
Transformation Theatre, Inc. (CL)

6 p.m.
The In Series (MSN)
Stormy Weather, 60 min.
Radiator Productions (SAF)
Radiator, 90 min. +PPD

6:30 p.m.
Rainbow Theatre Project (IL)
Blue Camp, 120 min. +PPD

7:30 p.m.
Rep Stage (TG)
E2, 90 min. +PPD
Who What Where Theater Collective (RL)
Tangier Island Is Sinking, 60 min. +PPD
Crash of Rhinos (AR)
Bah Humbug: A Christmas Carol Reboot, 60 min. +PPD

8 p.m.
Ford’s Theatre (TT)
Jimmy (Becoming Katherine Hepburn), 90 min. +PPD
Dance and Bmore (MSS)
Voices of Carmen, 60 min. +PPD


Adventure Theatre MTC
The Velveteen Rabbit
Written by Patrick Flynn
Directed by Jenna Duncan
Margery Williams’s classic toy story gets a vibrant retelling in this brand new adaptation. When the Child gets the Rabbit for Christmas, she is at first disappointed in her gift. But as the two adventure through her storybooks, both Rabbit and Child grow and care for each other. They discover that love is the greatest force in the universe and can make impossible things real. Family. Recommended for general audiences.

Poof! The Heist at Harrington Manor
Written by Elizabeth Cronin,
Annie Coffman, and Caitlin Caplinger
Directed by Elizabeth Cronin
ArtStream performances feature adult actors with intellectual and developmental disabilities—including autism—and other social and behavioral needs. Actors, volunteer mentors, and theater professionals works as a team to create original performances for live audiences. Musical, Family. Recommended for general audiences.

Baltimore Playwrights Festival
Written by William Triplett
Directed by George Andre Tittle
In Athens of Greek Antiquity, 15 or so years after all that bloody business in Corinth, where she killed her kids to punish husband Jason, who’d dumped her for a young rich princess, Medea is on the verge of redemption. In a few days, she will wed King Aegeus, who has no heir other than the son he fathered with Medea shortly after she arrived. Medea is poised not only to become Queen of the greatest and possibly whitest city-state in existence, but also mother of the future king. But then the mighty warrior Theseus—a son Aegeus never knew he had—shows up just before the wedding, in search of his father and wanting to claim his birthright. With her hopes and dreams of a glorious new life threatened, Medea must struggle against her own worst impulses—not to mention the everyday sexism and racism of the time—to ensure Aegeus fulfills his promise to marry her and declare their son heir to the throne? Drama. Recommended for general audiences.

Best Medicine Rep
The Fifth Date
Written by Lori Boyd
Directed by Lynn Sharp Spears
A couple struggle to overcome their inner selves to find romance. Comedy. Recommended for ages 13 and up.

Bowie State University and Kent State University
Written by Morgan McGuire
Directed by Susan Einhorn
HOW CAN I SAY THIS SO YOU WILL STAY is a fantastical journey through the research of Dr. Amy Damrow and Dr. Jaqueline Sweeney. The play follows a group of student teachers thrust into an academic study on the difficult dialogues we try to avoid in life with those who hold different ideological spaces than we do. As the students delve into topics ranging from Black Lives Matter to the contentious 2016 election, the ways their politicized identities play out in their everyday lives become clearer to them and to those around them. The questions of who we really are and the tension that creates with the world around us come to the forefront. Do we stay in the room with that tension or do we leave? How can we stay? Drama. Recommended for ages 13 and up.

Briar Road Productions
Conference Room A
Written and directed by Jennifer Williams
A woman dies more than 30 years after her teenage daughter commits suicide. In the afterlife, the pair see each other for the first
time. Initially, they are joyous and elated, but the reasons behind the suicide finally become known and their tumultuous relationship resurfaces. With the guidance of an advisor, the two must decide if their versions of heaven will include each other. Drama, Fantasy. Recommended for Adults Only.

Crash of Rhinos
Bah Humbug: A Christmas Carol Reboot
Written and directed by Mike Harris
This is taken from a mostly improvised version of A Christmas Carol that was performed two years ago at the DC & Arlington Drafthouses. Now almost entirely scripted, the concept is that the actors are film executives developing a “Rebooted Christmas Carol for the 21st Century.” As the story unfolds, there will be some audience participation as we follow the Scrooge story set in Miami in 2019. Ghosts that are celebrities and historical giants, a not so Tiny Tim, and more as the audience takes in a truly unique, absolutely hilarious version of this holiday standard. Comedy, Interactive. Recommended for ages 13 and up.

Company Lambe-Lambe
Son Titere
Written and directed by Cecilia Cackley and Francizco Benavides
Son Titere is a fusion of street puppetry and Mexican folk music. Three individual boxes each contain a 3-minute puppet show performed for one audience member at a time. Each show interprets an iconic folk song from a different region of Mexico. Street theater. Recommended for general audiences. Ongoing showings 3:30-6 p.m. for this show.

Dance and Bmore
Voices of Carmen
Written and directed by CJay Philip
Voices of Carmen is a musical adaptation of the opera Carmen set in a high school. A Baltimore cast of youth 14–21 years brings a contemporary spin to this iconic story that’s filled with fresh yet familiar renditions of George Bizet’s compositions, as well as a dozen original songs from pop to Hip Hop and R&B. Writer/director CJay Philip created her adaptation of Carmen in 2008. This production hopes to serve as a catalyst for community dialogue and improved emotional health and awareness, while providing resources to help students and adults deal with stress that can arise in close relationships. The full production premieres July 31 at Baltimore School for the Arts. For more about the production, visit Musical. Recommended for general audiences.

D.R. Creative Collab
The Gift
Written by Rachel Grossman
and Tosin Olufolabi
Directed by Danielle Drakes
Two doctors have discovered the cure to the last disease in the U.S., American PWR, the cause of racism. With their company watching them closely, they have gathered their first and possibly only test group. The doctors go through the procedure while navigating unseen problems and professional and personal pressure. Immersive, Science Fiction. Recommended for ages 13 and up.
Nice & Lily
Written by Rachel Grossman
Directed by Danielle A. Drakes
A standard afternoon playdate for school friends turns into an unexpected rulebreaking bonanza. Lines are drawn! Toys destroyed! Tears are shed! Join Kevin Black as he accompanies his daughter Nice to her friend Lily’s house, and discover how some unexpected discomfort allows everyone to approach conversations they might have been avoiding. Nice & Lily rumbles with diversity, identity, and race. The audience will partially experience the play from inside the world of the show. Drama, Interactive, Science Fiction. Recommended for ages 13 and up.

Ford’s Theatre
Jimmy (Becoming Katherine Hepburn)
Written by Jessica Dickey
Directed by Shana Cooper
Suffrage campaigner Emmeline Pankhurst comes to the United States and is hosted in the Hepburn household. Pankhurst’s visit alters the life of a very young Katherine Hepburn and further fuels the suffrage movement in America. Drama, Comedy. Recommended for ages 13 and up.

Georgetown University
Fandom For Robots
Written by Rachel Linton
Directed by Vanessa Gilbert
Can a robot make friends? A human and a robot bond through their shared love of anime. But when they meet in the real world, it’s complicated. Drama. Recommended for general audiences.

Day Dream
Written and directed by Barry Moton
Day Dream is a play inspired by the life of jazz artist and composer Billy Strayhorn. It contrasts Billy’s journey, looking back on his life during an interview before a major concert, with the journey of Andre, an aspiring jazz vocalist struggling to find his voice in today’s world. The play is set in two time periods: Billy in 1965, and Andre in 2019. Drama, Comedy, Musical. Recommended for ages 13 and up.

The In Series
Stormy Weather
Written by Sybil Williams
Directed by Alison Wong
Inspired by Shakespeare’s The Tempest, the story of colonization and subjugation is retold from the perspective of Sycorax, mother of Caliban and mistress of Ariel. Given no voice in the original play, here she is given the agency to present her own journey. Told with the music of Billie Holiday in a new poetic piece written by playwright Sybil Williams, this world premiere is set as a cabaret-club evening of song, word, and beats. Variety. Recommended for general audiences.

InterAct Story Theatre
The Ballad of Bobtail Bong Bong
Written and directed by Ali Oliver-Krueger
A monkey’s tale of mischief! Based on a favorite Japanese folktale from the playwright’s childhood, this short play for kids and families is all about one cheeky monkey’s take on monkey business, starting from the bottom... with a monkey’s tail. Best for ages 4 and up. Family, Interactive. Recommended for general audiences.

The Law Theater Project
Professor Ginsburg’s Trumpet: Frontiero v. Richardson The Play
Written by Dr. Samantha M. McDermitt
Directed by Eddie Page
Have you ever wondered what is said in the inner sanctums of the Supreme Court during important historical cases? Come now with The Law Theater Project for a fly-on-the-wall visit to those sacred Supreme Court Justices’ chambers to hear them speak candidly and from the gut! Professor Ruth’s trumpet raises the most important women’s rights issues of equality and fairness in our nation’s armed forces. Will the Court rule for Lt. Frontiero? The drama begins now, and no law school is required! Drama, Comedy. Recommended for ages 13 and up.

Cousin Bella: The Whore of Minsk
Written by Sherman Yellen
Directed by Carolyn Griffin
Cousin Bella: The Whore of Minsk recounts the life of prize-winning playwright Sherman Yellen’s immigrant relative, who as a young Jewish woman in Russia was sold into prostitution, rescued by the author’s indomitable grandmother, and immigrated to America where the most extraordinary drama of her life was yet to unfold. A gripping tale of a fierce love that led to child theft, incest, disgrace, and ultimately survival, Cousin Bella presents a vivid portrait of immigrant life in the first part of the 20th century; a story where truth is both stranger and more astonishing than any fiction. Drama. Recommended for ages 13 and up.

Mosaic Theater Company of DC
Inherit The Windbag
Written by Alexandra Petri
Directed by Lee Mikeska Gardner
In the summer of 1968, liberal Gore Vidal and conservative William F. Buckley met for a series of debates that rocked America and re-defined the genre of punditry. Now, for one evening only, Vidal and Buckley meet in the Dismal Beyond (also known as the Richard
Nixon Library in Yorba Linda, CA) to reprise their infamous debate. What ensues is a battle for history itself, in a no-holds-barred sesquipedalian brawl and satirical battle of wits, assisted by an ever-revolving cast of characters from Aaron Burr to Ayn Rand. Satire. Recommended for general audiences.

Naked Theatre Company
River Rouge
Written by Andy Boyd
Directed by Kevin Place
One was a communist. The other was a capitalist. One was an artist. The other, an engineer. And yet, for the year between the spring of 1932 and the spring of 1933, Diego Rivera and Henry Ford were friends. River Rouge tells the story of the year that followed in a dizzying collage-inspired style mixing vaudeville, docudrama, folk music, protest theater, and magical realism. It asks a question as relevant today as it was in 1932: how can we use art to remake the world? Drama, Comedy, Musical. Recommended for ages 13 and up.

One Off Productions
Company K
Written and directed by Lisa Hodsoll
Company K is the story of a company of American soldiers fighting in WWI, adapted from the novel of the same name by William March. It is comprised of snapshots of individual members of that company— glimpses of both themselves and their experiences before, during, and after the “War to End All Wars.” It is an unflinching and unsentimental account of the brutal reality of war, its dark ironies, and its hard truths. Drama. Recommended for Adults Only.

Pinky Swear Productions
The Regular
Written by Bob Bartlett
Directed by Laley Lippard
The message came to her from a Buddhist nun, “At some point, your life will fall apart.” Emma’s life had already fallen apart, a few times. She knows falling apart—and she knows finding her way after falling apart. At a house party in 1994, she said to Hope, her younger sister, “If my life ever totally completely goes to sh*t like Mom’s, I’ll just pick up, leave everything and everyone, and start over somewhere else.” Twenty-five years later and after Hope’s suicide, Emma leaves her life and career, jumps in an RV with her three dogs, and heads out on a journey to find herself and America. Comedy. Recommended for Adults Only.

Pipeline Playwrights
Written by Jean Kalata Koppen
Directed by Jordan Friend
When five total strangers gather for a focus group on their voting habits, unaware that the “client” is focused on electing the next American President, a hilarious and whacky chaos ensues. Drama, Comedy. Recommended for ages 13 and up.
Written by Patricia Connelly
Directed by Catherine Tripp
Janet Markham is an attorney facing the trial of her life when her client, the Missouri One Church of Christ, best known for picketing at military funerals and led by her own father, is sued by a dead soldier’s family. Janet knows she’s on the right side of the law, but seeds of doubt are planted when Janet begins to hear strange voices in her head. When her father blames Janet for negative press that goes viral and threatens her, Janet can no longer silence the voices in her head. Drama, Comedy. Recommended for ages 13 and up.

Radiator Productions
Written and directed by Craig Houk
Lou Brunazzi and André Cooper live across the hall from each other in a shabby apartment building in Hunts Point, NY. In the space between their units stands a noisy radiator, which is connected to a deteriorating boiler. Determined to stop the whistling, hissing, and banging that’s keeping him awake at night, André endeavors to turn the thermostat off, but is cut short by Lou who is determined to keep the radiator running at all costs. Radiator is also a love story; as much a love story as there can exist between two men who were never meant to be together. Drama, Comedy. Recommended for Adults Only.

Rainbow Theatre Project
Blue Camp
Written by Tim Caggiano and Jack Calvin
Directed by Christopher Janson
Blue Camp takes place at an Army camp for soldiers awaiting disciplinary action or discharge, just before the Vietnam War. There
are two barracks, one for criminals and one for homosexuals. Blue Camp is about brave gay men standing up to the hate and bigotry with which they are confronted, surviving, and in a sense triumphing over it. Rainbow Theatre Project is committed to being a premier theater for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Queer (LGBTQ) community in the Nation’s Capital. Drama. Recommended for Adults Only.

Reliant Theatre
Mine to Take
Written by Matthew Marcus and Lily Kerrigan
Directed by Emily Sucher
Famed science fiction writer Ester Howler Legberg on her life, time, and travel. Drama, Interactive, Immersive. Recommended for ages 13 and up.

Rep Stage
Written by Bob Bartlett
Directed by Joseph W. Ritsch
Power, gender, and sexuality collide in Bob Bartlett’s contemporary reimagining of Christopher Marlowe’s tale of England’s infamous ineffectual king. Affairs of state that shocked Renaissance audiences are as close to this moment as they were in their own. As we witness the newly crowned monarch navigate a love affair that could be the downfall of his monarchy, we are asked what price do we pay when we make the personal political? Drama. Recommended for Adults Only.

The Rose Theatre Co.
The Murder on the Links by Agatha Christie
Adapted from the novel by Leslie Kobylinski
Directed by Leslie Kobylinski
In a uniquely entertaining theater piece, critically acclaimed vocal artist and Helen Hayes award winner Christopher Lane performs Agatha
Christie’s The Murder on the Links, adapted for the stage and audio by DC playwright and The Rose Theatre Co. artistic director Leslie
Kobylinski. Recommended for ages 13 and up.

Transformation Theatre, Inc.
Written by Bob Bartlett, Audrey Cefaly, and DW Gregory
Directed by Carl Randolph
A collection of stories set in a roadside motel near Disney World. DC/MD playwrights Bob Bartlett, DW Gregory, and Audrey Cefaly weave together tales of hapless and hopeful people in transit to the happiest place on Earth. Drama, Comedy, Family. Recommended for ages 13 and up.

Unexpected Stage Company
Written by David Johnston
Directed by Dawn Thomas Reidy
In this absurd dark comedy about death, family, and home, Augie has returned to spend a vacation with his family. He is joined on the beach by his father, brother, and nephew. The men drink beer, crush cans, birdwatch, and argue about global warming, as they await the arrival of Cousin Margaret, whom Augie does not remember, although all the others seem to. Cousin Margaret arrives with a beer in her purse and dragging an oxygen tank across the beach, determined to change the course of Augie’s life. Drama. Recommended for Adults Only.

Venus Theatre Company
The Powers That Be
Written by Deborah Randall with music by Alan Scott
Directed by Deborah Randall
This piece is a collaborative iteration. A reaction to the world we are living in from a feminist perspective, with music. Venus is producing “Collaborative Iterations” all year long. Comedy, One-Person Show. Recommended for Adults Only.

Voices Unbarred
Dear America: Disconnect Between Perception & Truth
Written by Voices Unbarred
Directed by Allison Frisch
Come experience the words of men who are currently incarcerated being brought to life by returned citizens! Explore the perception of inmates versus the reality, engage with real stories of our participants, and help brainstorm potential solutions to the issues raised. We use Theatre of the Oppressed techniques to actively engage the audience in a discussion, so that we are all active in creating real change. Musical. Recommended for ages 13 and up.

Washington Stage Guild
Dead Air
Written by Greg Jones Ellis
Directed by Bill Largess
A popular radio personality has become a TV treasure, thanks to her on-air charisma and down-to-earth advice. Along the way, fans have loved her stories of “my son the genius,” a never-seen character who has become a trademark part of her show’s identity. At home, however, the reclusive son is actually a bitter critic of his mother’s exploitation. What happens when convincing the son to appear on air becomes the key to keeping her top place in daytime TV? Comedy. Recommended for Adults Only.

Washington Women in Theatre
Stella Adler
Written by Sidra Rausch
Directed by Lynn Sharp Spears
This is a biographical comedy-drama about the story of the famous acting teacher and actress Stella Adler and her famous husband
Harold Clurman as they make their way to New York following the crushing blow of the anti-Communist Red Scare McCarthy hearings that damaged their careers. They are forced to confront their marriage, their attachments to other Stanislavsky art disciples, and their creative aspirations. Comedy. Recommended for general audiences.

The Welders
the earth, that is sufficient/ Welders 3.0: A Look Ahead
Written by Annalisa Dias, Cat Frost,
Farah Lawal Harris, Teshonne Powell, and Sisi Reid
Directed by Annalisa Dias
The final presentation from Welders 2.0, and the first look at Welders 3.0! First, see a part of 2.0. Part-theater, part-ritual, part epic journey, the earth, that is sufficient is a contemplative inquiry into the precarity of human relationships to extraction, consumption, and power. The iterative performance project is told through the eyes of Lucy, the australopithecus, the 3.2 million year-old hominid fossil. Then, see what’s in store through a series of dramatic scenes and excerpts from the work of the Welders 3.0, before members Cat Frost, Farah Lawal Harris, Teshonne Powell, Sisi Reid, JR Russ, and Jared Shamberger take the reins in 2020! Drama. Recommended for ages 13 and up.

Who What Where Theater Collective
Tangier Island Is sinking
Written by Zachary Wilcox
Directed by Rebecca Wahls
Tangier Island Is sinking is a play with film that tells a story of Tangier, past, present, and future. Less than 500 residents call the sinking Chesapeake Bay island their home, but all will need to make a choice in the face of imminent forced migration caused by sea level rise and natural land erosion. Moments of filmed and recorded interviews with the residents of Tangier are juxtaposed with dramatic storytelling to explore their struggles and ask what is to come of their home. Comedy. Recommended for general audiences.

Young Playwrights Theater
In the Mind of a 21-Year-Old Art Student
Written by Nevaeh Edwards
Directed by Farah Lawal Harris
Lily-Amber is a talented visual artist who lives with depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. When she comes face-to-face with her mental illnesses, she is faced with the impossible decision of whether to succumb or survive. Drama, with Film. Recommended for ages 13 and up.