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Shanghai Chinese Orchestra (part of KC Lunar New Year 2020)

Wednesday, January 22, 2020 8:00 PM

Lunar New Year Celebration

The cornerstone event of our festivities! Grammy Award®–winning artist Muhai Tang returns to the Kennedy Center to conduct the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra for our KC Lunar New Year 2020.


$15.00 - $59.00

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Shanghai Chinese Orchestra
Tang Muhai, conductor

Don't miss the cornerstone event of our Lunar New Year celebration as world-renowned, Grammy Award®–winning artist Muhai Tang returns to the Kennedy Center to lead the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra in a special concert. Orchestra members are specialized in instruments such as erhu, also known as the Chinese violin; bamboo flute; sheng, a wind instrument consisting of multiple reed pipes; ruan or moon guitar; and zheng or zither. The orchestra is dedicated to presenting Chinese music with an international vision and a contemporary style.

Han Wenhe Landscape Around the Lake
Jin Kai and ZhaoYunmeng, dizi

Luo Xiaoci Spirit of Chinese Calligraphy
Orch. Xie Peng Lu Shasha, zheng

Arr. Han Wenhe Chu-Han War
Yu Bin, pipa
Zhang Jiawei, gaohu

Tan Dun Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
Ma Xiaohui, erhu

Huang Lei Dancing Phoenix
Hu Chenyun, suona

Fang Dongqing Caterpillar Fungus

Jiang Ying Silk Road

Tan Dun Whispers of Wind and Birds

Kong Zhixuan Flying Bees
Ding Long and Chen Shi, erhu
Li Lin, ruan
Zhao Zhen, sheng
Wang Yinrui, percussion

Immediately following the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra Concert, the REACH Winter Lanterns kick off will take place at the outdoor campus of the REACH.

About Muhai Tang: 
Muhai Tang is a world-renowned Chinese maestro of conducting. He is the laureled conductor of China National Symphony Orchestra and art director of Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra, Tianjin Symphony Orchestra, and Harbin Symphony Orchestra.


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