The KCACTF National Science Playwriting Award

Sponsored by physicist and novelist Alan Lightman and the KCACTF, the KCACTF National Science Playwriting Award is offered every year for the outstanding student-written full-length play waritten about science and scientists with the recognition that science is a part of culture. The award will be offered again for work submitted in the 2011 calendar year, and will be announced in March 2012. Each cycle, the theme of the award will change. For the upcoming award cycle, the play must address women in science in the modern with specific focus on Henrietta Swan Leavitt and Rosalind Franklin, Marie Curie, Barbara McClintock or Lise Meitner. The play should not be pedagogical but should stand on its own as an artistic work.

  • 1st Place Cash Award of $3,000.
  • Underground Railway Fellowship. The award recipient will receive a residency with the Underground Railway Theater Company for a staged reading of the play in Cambridge, MA.

The play must be produced by a college or university or publicly presented in a "rehearsed" or "staged reading" format following a significant development process. The play comply with the guidelines for scripts entered in the KCACTF Michael Kanin Playwriting Program.

For other questions, refer to "Rules and Procedures for the Michael Kanin Playwriting Awards Program" above.

The National Science Playwriting Award-winners

The Green by Kate Tarker, Yale School of Drama
Runner-up - The Cost of a Goat by Basil Kreimendahl, University of Iowa
No award was given this year
Biography of a Constellation by Lila Rose Kaplan, University of California, San Diego
Atlas of Mud- Jennifer Fawcett, University of Iowa
2nd Place - The Attic Dwellers by Jennifer Barclay Newsham, University of California-San Diego