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The Artist Seminar

The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts hosts an annual hands-on Seminar entitled "Artists as Educators: Planning Effective Workshops for Teachers."

The two-day Seminar "Artists as Educators" is designed for artists and arts educators who would like to develop their skills in planning participatory workshops for teachers. The Seminar is based on the belief that artists and arts educators, in addition to their role in working with students, have a unique role to play with teachers--that is, helping teachers bring the arts to students. Participation in the Seminar is the "gateway" to potential work with the Professional Development Opportunities for Teachers program at the Kennedy Center. Complete attendance at all sessions of the Seminar is required.

The Seminar provides an opportunity for artists and arts educators to:

  1. examine a process for planning, presenting, and evaluating workshops for teachers,
  2. identify parts of their work with students that teachers can learn to do, and
  3. begin to develop a proposal for a workshop for teachers.

In addition to discussion and activities, Seminar participants join teachers in a workshop that demonstrates ideas presented during the Seminar. During the Seminar participants also consider the components of effective workshops for teachers, and possible connections between their expertise and the needs and interests of teachers.

Participation is limited to 15, selected by application. If you are interested in applying for the fall of 2003 seminar, date TBA, please read our Artist Seminar Fact Page and call (202)416-8813 to request an application.