• Grades 6-8
  • Visual Arts
  • English & Literature

Media Awareness II: Key Concepts in Advertising
What are the elements of an effective or ineffective advertisement?

In this 6-8 lesson, students will continue the exploration of advertising and media awareness. This is the second lesson designed to accompany the media awareness unit. Students will examine advertisements and discuss the following terms: purpose, target audience, and value of advertisements. Students will then begin to add details—such as text, symbols, and color—to their original, hand-drawn advertisements.

Lesson Content

Learning Objectives 

Students will: 

  • Develop an understanding of basic concepts in advertising.
  • Infer the purpose and “target audience” of an advertisement.
  • Analyze advertisements from commercials, cereal, magazines, and websites.
  • Discuss the purpose, target audience, and style of advertisements with key vocabulary.
  • Apply selected elements and principles of art to create an advertisement of their own.


Standards Alignment

Recommended Materials

Target Audience and Purpose, Elements and Principles of Art, Advertisement Analysis


Teacher Background

Teachers should use age-appropriate advertisements and kid-friendly products. Preview the details of the lesson to understand its connection to the unit, Media Awareness I: The Basics of Advertising and Media Awareness III: Helping a Product Cross the Finish Line. Create a notification for students to bring an advertisement to school or allow time for them to research and find one. 


Student Prerequisites 

Students should have a basic understanding of advertising and prior experience with the first lesson in the unit, Media Awareness I: The Basics of Advertising


Accessibility Accommodations

Modify visual presentations to include captions. Give students an option to create an audio advertisement as opposed to a visual one.

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