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Andes Manta
The vibrant music of the South American Andes

The vibrant, energetic music of the Andes region of South America is performed in its most authentic form by Andes Manta, musicians and natives of the Ecuadorian Andes. Learn about dozens of traditional instruments, including six-foot-long panpipes. Andes Manta musicians discuss the history, music, and traditions of their culture, demonstrate the rich and haunting sounds of the rain forest, and perform traditional folk music. Andes Manta is committed to performing traditional Andean music, rooted in the cultural heritage of the Incas and their ancestors, in its purest, most authentic form.

Lesson Content

Andes Manta: The Music of the Andes

Andes Manta: The Music of the Andes

Andean Cultural Traditions

In Andean traditional culture, festivals mark life events such as the blessing of a new house, the birth of a child, or the cycles of planting and harvesting. These festivals are celebrated with vibrant, energetic music and dance, and combine native religious practices with Catholic rituals that were introduced by the Spanish.

Music is central to Andean communities, and serves as a metaphor for how successful community members work together. Musicians like Andes Manta who are selected to perform at festivals earn great prestige.

What to Look and Listen For

  • How the Lopez brothers describe learning music as children by listening and observing at village festivals, carnivals, and ceremonial gatherings.
  • Songs sung in both Spanish and Quechua.
  • Families of instruments, instruments that look similar but are made in different sizes.
  • The musicians yelling, shouting, or whistling encouragement to each other as they play.
  • How the difficulty and speed of the music increases as the musicians play for long periods of time.
  • Abrupt changes in the speed (tempo) and mood of the music.
  • Producer

    Kenny Neal

  • Published

    September 9, 2019

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