• Mission

    As the nation’s cultural center, and a living memorial to President John F. Kennedy, we are a leader for the arts across America and around the world, reaching and connecting with artists, inspiring and educating communities. We welcome all to create, experience, learn about, and engage with the arts.

  • Vision

    We are the nation’s beacon for the performing arts, engaging artists and audiences around the world to share, inspire, and celebrate the cultural heritage by which a great society is defined and remembered.

  • Values

    Respect | Excellence | Creativity | Inclusiveness | Transparency | Artistic Integrity | Learning | Service

The work of the Kennedy Center has been built upon three pillars:

  • Presenting, producing, and curating world-class art;
  • Offering powerful education to people of all ages, everywhere; and
  • Fulfilling our mandate as a living memorial to President John F. Kennedy.