The Kennedy Center

Local Dance Commissioning Project
In Support of Metro DC Dance Community, Artists Commissioned for World Premieres

Project Mission

The Local Dance Commissioning Project (LDCP) supports the local dance community by nurturing the creation of new dance work and presenting that new work to a wide audience via the platform of Millennium Stage, the Kennedy Center’s free daily performance series.

Millennium Stage embodies the Kennedy Center mission and vision, inviting audiences to celebrate our collective cultural heritage in an inclusive, accessible way. Millennium Stage, now in its 22nd season, explores countless artistic styles and inspires the community to engage in the performing arts. Welcoming local, national, and international artists, the Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage is the only U.S. institution that presents a free performance, 365 days a year at 6 p.m., streamed live on the internet.

2019 LDCP Performance Dates

  • Ann Sofie Clemmensen

    Ann Sofie Clemmensen

    October 18 & 19, 2019
    The REACH
    6:00pm – 7:00pm

    In To and Out Of
    Choreography by Ann Sofie Clemmensen

    Featuring 20 dancers in all, this three-part experience will transport audiences through different spaces of the REACH, using the unique characteristics of each location to explore concepts in pattern and timing, light and dark, limitation and transformation.

  • Robert Woofter

    Robert Woofter

    October 24 & 25, 2019
    The REACH
    6:00pm – 7:00pm

    Electric Idols
    By haus of bambi
    Choreography by Robert Woofter

    Performed to an original score by D.C.-based DJ and producer Lemz, this site-specific work will blend a trance-like onslaught of movement with large-scale projected video inspired by nightlife culture, religious iconography, and the community of the dance floor.

Award Details

Kennedy Center LDCP awards are given to local (DC Metro Area) dance choreographers/companies to create a new work or a combination of works to premiere on the Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage in September/October.

Commissions are awarded by a panel consisting of Kennedy Center staff based on the strength of application and artistic merit. Awards will be announced in January/February, and recipients will then have time for creative development through August. Exact performance dates are determined after artist selection.

In its complete stage, the proposed work must be at least 20 minutes in length but no longer than 50 minutes. Both choreographer and company/dancers must be local. Applications for work created specifically for the Millennium Stage will be given preference over works already in progress.

The Commission Award includes:

  • $7,500 artist fee
  • Center-hosted private showings for choreographers to share work and receive feedback
  • Rehearsal space, as available, at the Kennedy Center
  • Technical support prior to the performance to develop lighting, sound, and/or set concepts for the new work

LDCP Required Application Materials

This application is your opportunity to share your creative vision. All criteria MUST be addressed. (Parts A, B, C and D).

Part A. Complete Applicant Questionnaire

Part B. Provide a statement addressing the following topics in no more than two typed pages:

  1. Begin with a brief artistic statement that describes your creative work and your process.
  2. Share an idea for a new work in response to that the Millennium Stage Local Dance Commissioning Project would help fund. In your response, please address the issue of how this new work fits artistically, technically, and spatially in the Millennium Stage venue, and in principle with the Millennium Stage mission (please note: stage dimensions of the Millennium stage are 24 ft. X 24 ft.). Be specific about your ideas for musical accompaniment.
  3. The newly commissioned work or combination of works must be at least 20 minutes but not more than 50 minutes start to finish, no intermissions. Within your written statement, indicate the projected length of the new work. Indicate how you would round out the rest of the program should the new work be less than 50 minutes. Additional programming can come from your existing repertoire. While Q&As can be added post-performance, a Q&A is NOT an acceptable way to fill remaining performance time.

Part C. Provide visual representations of your work via recording.

Items 1 & 2 below required. Both video elements may be included on the same tape.

DVD or links to online videos are accepted. DVD’s must be compatible to DVD players. Links to online videos are highly preferred.

  1. Proposed Work: Recording of movement for the new work that you are interested in developing. Professional-quality video and/or editing is NOT required or expected (i.e.feel free to set up a camera in the corner of a rehearsal studio and press record).
  2. Existing Repertory: Recording of existing work that demonstrates you can produce a polished work, as well as how you would complete the program if necessary.

Part D. Additional Creative Representation

It is important for us to get a clear picture of your ideas for a new work. We understand that your artistic vision has its own, unique way in which it must be shared. Include a minimum of one additional "Freestyle" representation that best supports/communicates your proposal.

Some suggestions are included below. Please do not limit yourself to these suggestions, and be as exploratory as you see fit in sharing your creative vision and process.

  • Costume or scenic design sketches
  • Graphic/artistic representation, photographs, or slides of choreographic sketches
  • Music sample
  • Storyboard of your current plans for the work

Application Checklist


  • Part A: Applicant Questionnaire
  • Part B: Written Statement (Sections 1, 2, and 3)
  • Part C: Visual Representation
    • Section 1: New Work
    • Section 2: Existing Work
  • Part D: Additional Creative Representation
  • List your name on all application materials
  • Make sure your contact information is listed clearly including Name, Mailing Address, Phone Number, and Email
  • Review mailing instructions
  • Select address for mailing. Be sure to note Attn: Dance Programming LDCP on all packages.

All questions regarding LDCP should be directed to

Kennedy Center Dance Programming

For more information regarding the Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage visit