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Global Friends Steering Committee

  •  “Being a Global Friend is a wonderful opportunity to connect with people who are open to learning about international culture, and it pushes my own curiosity to expand my views as well las just enjoy the warmth, kindness, and rich input that these volunteers bring.”
    Yasmin Bhalloo, India

  • "I love to volunteer at the Kennedy Center.  I love performing arts, which preserve and express the best of the human spirit in ways that reach beyond the limits of time and space.  I also love volunteering here because the place is a bridge for people from all backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures with a shared love for the arts."
    Hui Glennie, China

  • “Visual and performing arts are about crossing boundaries, understanding the world, inspiring creativity, and broadening perspectives. I find volunteering with Global Friends at the Kennedy Center an enjoyable and educational way to learn about diverse cultures, develop a deeper appreciation for the arts, and build social connections.” 
    Mahsa Javid, Iran

  • “Volunteering for Global Friends provides so many opportunities for cross-cultural understanding. The arts are our common language, and we communicate globally through the arts.  I am so glad for the opportunity to participate!”  
    Anna Lagercrantz, Sweden

  • “To enjoy an art of any kind, one would see, feel, touch, hear and/or experience it.  Volunteering at the Kennedy Center is a journey and it allows for a remarkable experience.  More importantly, it is rewarding and enjoyable.  Let’s face it; where else would you see incredible art exhibits, enjoy music, a play, a dance, attend a forum or a lecture?  The Kennedy Center is the place to be.”
    Wael Sherman, Jordan

  • “The performing arts promote the values of self-expression and exploration, and volunteering makes these values more human, accessible, and real.” 
    Noora Steitieh, Lebanon  

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