Moonshot Studio

An arts educational maker space for families!

From dance and beat making to poetry and animation, the Moonshot Studio offers activities for people of all ages to explore their artistry and learn something new.

Open Every Sunday and Saturday from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Current Projects

MoKC: Art Studio


Learn to draw just like Mo Willems! Here you can sketch his characters—or make up your own—at large drawing tables. Use light tables to practice tracing your favorite characters. See how simple shapes can be assembled to create expressive characters!

JFK Ideals: Poetry and Pennants


Explore the words and ideals of JFK through poetry and visual art. Transform the words of John F. Kennedy into an original poem. Then use your poem to create a pennant that celebrates your ideals and puts them on display. 

Mixmaster Station


Curated by Marvin and Brian Quijada (composer and playwright, respectively, of Kid Prince & Pablo), use the Mixmaster Station to create your own mixes using sounds, rhythms, and beats, and combining genres like trap, reggaeton, swing, and original music from Marvin and Brian.