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David M. Rubenstein


Exclusive Corporate Underwriter

The Boeing Company



Fred Eychaner

Jacqueline Badger Mars

Michael F. and Noémi K. Neidorff and The Centene Charitable Foundation

Stephen and Christine Schwarzman



David Bohnett Foundation

William E. Conway, Jr. and Joanne Barkett Conway

Daniel and Gayle D'Aniello

Delta Air Lines

Sakurako and William Fisher

Arlene and Robert Kogod

Natalie and Herb Kohler and Kohler Co.

Štěpánka and Karel Komárek

Suzanne L. Niedland

Pritzker Traubert Foundation

The State of Qatar

Dr. Deborah Rose and Dr. Jan A. J. Stolwijk

Iris Smith

Robert H. Smith Family Foundation

The People of the United Arab Emirates



A. James & Alice B. Clark Foundation

Jennifer and David Fischer

Marcia and John Goldman

Barbara Goodman Manilow

The Ann and Jack Graves Foundation Honoring the NCPA

The Hillside Foundation – Shelley & Allan Holt

Martha and Carl H. Lindner III

Martha and David Slosburg In Memory of Ali Slosburg

Eva and Marc Stern

Amy and Kelcy Warren



Altria Group

Christopher M. and Andrita J. Andreas & The Andreas Family Foundation

Adrienne Arsht

Bank of America

Diane & Norman Bernstein Foundation

Booz Allen Hamilton

CBS Corporation

Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation

Daniel and Pamella DeVos Foundation

Amra and Damir Fazlic

Norma Lee and Morton Funger and The Funger Foundation

General Dynamics

GRoW @ Annenberg, Gregory Annenberg Weingarten and Family

Mr. Frank F. Islam and Ms. Debbie Driesman

Michele and Howard Kessler

The Richard S. and Karen LeFrak Charitable Foundation

Frances and Craig Lindner

The J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation

Rose A. McElrath-Slade

Robert E. Meyerhoff and Rheda Becker

Northrop Grumman Corporation

Robert and Rebecca Pohlad

Daryl and Steven Roth

The Embassy of the United Arab Emirates

Sherry and Eddie Wachs

Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation

Mr. Anthony and Mrs. Beatrice W. Welters, Vincent Wilkinson Foundation

The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company

Elaine Wynn



Amy and Bret Baier

Jim and Susan Bakke

Danaher Corporation

HARMAN International Industries, Inc.

Jerry and Terri Kohl

The Lane Construction Corporation

Dale LeFebvre

Jeffrey and Harriet Legum

Dr. Gary D. Mather and Ms. Christina Co Mather

Carol Melton and Joseph Hassett

Drs. Helena Wachslicht Rodbard and David Rodbard

Beth Wilkinson and David Gregory



Daris M. Clifton-Alloy and Martin K. Alloy

American Express

Mary Randolph Ballinger

Diane Endres Ballweg

Grace and Morton Bender

The Honorable Stuart Bernstein and Wilma E. Bernstein

Nancy Bryant and Jerry Taylor

Fundación Carlos Alberto Bulgheroni

Buffy and William Cafritz Family Foundation

William J. Caldwell and Michele P. Toth

DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities

The Honorable and Mrs. Kenneth M. Duberstein

Richard and Elizabeth Dubin Family Foundation

A. Huda and Samia Farouki

Nina and David Fialkow

Fluor Corporation

Mary B. Galvin

The Honorable Joseph and Alma Gildenhorn

John R. and Donna S. Hall

Linda and Mitch Hart

Teena Hostovich, Douglas Martinet, and Michael Martinet

Yongmee Michele Kang

Kelly Fisher Katz and Martin Katz

The Marie-Josée and Henry R. Kravis Foundation

The Ronald and Jo Carole Lauder Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Lawrie

Waltraud Legat

Victoria McNeil Le Vine

Michael Lombardo and Sonny Ward

Marlene A. and Frederic V. Malek Family Charitable Trust

The Honorable Bonnie McElveen-Hunter

JoAnn McGrath

Jim and Haity McNerney

Deanne A. Miller

The Honorable Mary V. Mochary

The Orlebeke Foundation

John and Mary Pappajohn

Suzy and Bob Pence

Edwin and Linda Phelps

The Pohanka Family

Carolyn Clark Powers – Johnny Cleator, Tom Cleator, & Will Powers

J. Christopher and Anne N. Reyes Foundation

The Rhimes Family Foundation

Laura M. and Brooke A. Ricketts

Kelly and Duane Roberts

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Roesch

Jean E. Rolles

Sam Rose

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Rosenthal

Jeanne and Otto† Ruesch

Alexandra Seros and Walter F. Ulloa

The Stella Boyle Smith Trust, Catherine H. and Michael R. Mayton, Trustees


Barbara Tannenbaum, Henry David Epstein, & Lola Melaine Tannenbaum Epstein

Lorenzo Rick Tedesco

The Trees Family

Yvonne and Brock Vinton

Melanie Walser and Bobby Ourisman

Heather H. Washburne and Ray W. Washburne

Nancy and Harold Zirkin

& Anonymous Supporters


Centennial Circle Jubilee Members

Robert B. Barnett and Rita Braver

Ilene R. Baylinson

Alexandra Seros and Walter F. Ulloa

Jane Watson Stetson and E. William Stetson III

Julie and Peter Stott

Tanaka Memorial Foundation

Mimi and Frank Walsh

Mr. Anthony and Mrs. Beatrice W. Welters, Vincent Wilkinson Foundation


Centennial Circle Distinguished Members



Clara and Wesley Belden

Vincent Careatti

In Honor of Bernard and Helen Fagelson

Virginia McGehee Friend

Rick and Carol Froehlich

Lola and Walter Green

Calvin and Janet Hill

Jim and Heather Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. John E. King

Marie-Josée and Henry R. Kravis

Reginald Van Lee

Yili Lu and Thomas E. Pritchett

Amalia Perea Mahoney and William Mahoney

Revada Foundation, courtesy of the estates of Reva and David Logan

Deborah Rutter and Peter Ellefson

Patricia Bennett Sagon

Timothy and Martha Spadafore

Alexandra C. Stanton

The Stichman Family Foundation


Centennial Circle Founding Members


Mary Kinney Abercrombie

Debbie Alex and David Harris

Daris M. Clifton-Alloy and Martin K. Alloy

Diane Ambler and Ethan Grossman

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Andreas

Allie and Ellen Ash

Dr. Bill Santford Ashley

Ms. Roswitha S. Augusta and Mr. Don Dittberner

The Honorable Elizabeth Frawley Bagley

Mary Randolph Ballinger

Diane Ballweg

Billie and Howard Barnett

Linda and Jim Beers

Grace and Morton Bender

Teri A. Benson and Kati C. Richer

Joan Bialek and Louis Levitt MD

Mary C. Blake

The Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation

Janet Brown and Michael Brewer

L. Patrick Chauvin and Myles King

Savanna & Charles Warfield Clark M.D.

Robin Rowan Clarke and Thomas Crawford Clarke†

The Crown Goodman Family

Shannon and Jim Davis

Dentons US LLP

Dr. Christine A. Dingivan

Loretta M. Downey

Sandy and Bud Drutz

The Honorable and Mrs. Kenneth M. Duberstein

Deborah and Steven Epstein

Amra and Damir Fazlic

Nina and David Fialkow

The Lee and Juliet Folger Fund

Dr. Stanley and Ronna Foster

The Honorable Barbara H. Franklin and Mr. Wallace Barnes

David C. Frederick and Sophia Lynn

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Friedman

Patricia Froyo-McCarty and Michael McCarty

Bernard S. and Sarah M. Gewirz

The Honorable Joseph and Alma Gildenhorn

Sheldon and Christine Gordon

Betsy Sley Grossman

Shirley Powell Gustafson

The Honorable Jane Harman

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Haslam, II

Shelly and Jack Hazel

Tom Healy and Fred P. Hochberg

Dana A. Hearn and Kevin J. McCloskey

The Hillside Foundation – Shelley & Allan Holt

Mellody Hobson and George Lucas

Helen Jackson and Joseph Sassoon

Badr Jafar

Muriel Jerome-O’Keeffe

Ralph and Jane Johnson

Richard and Margaret Johnston in Memory of Maxine Barrat

Shelly Kamins and Diane Sembler-Kamins

Ricki and Joel Kanter

Carolyn June Kaplan †

Kelly Fisher Katz and Martin Katz

Kennedy-Herterich Fund of The Ethel and W. George Kennedy Family Foundation – Karyn Kennedy Herterich and Morgan Kennedy Herterich

Victoria Reggie Kennedy in Memory of Senator Edward M. Kennedy

Michele and Howard Kessler

Lori Laitman and Bruce Rosenblum

Bill and Marilyn Lane Family Foundation

Michael and Kim Lawrie

Elise and Marc Lefkowitz, Estelle and Melvin Gelman Family Foundation

Jeffrey and Harriet Legum

The Annette M. and Theodore N. Lerner Family Foundation

Lichtenberg Family Foundation

The Lindley Family Foundation

Frances and Craig Lindner

Andrea S. Liss

Andrés W. López and Camelia M. Garrido

The Honorable Frederic and Marlene Malek

The J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation

Virginia Cretella Mars

Thomas and Marie Mattson

Marcia V. Mayo, The Mayo Charitable Foundation

Catherine H. and Michael R. Mayton

Terry and Susan McCallister

Lark McCarthy and Michael Thomas

Cathy and Scot McCulloch

Rose McElrath-Slade

The Honorable and Mrs. Thomas F. McLarty

Jim and Haity McNerney

Dr. Gerald and Paula McNichols

Carol A. Melton

Linda Bell Mercuro and Tobia G. Mercuro

Dottie Curtis Mergner

Richard and Andrea Montoni

Mark and Brenda Moore and Family Foundation

Patricia Anne Patti Morton

The Mulitz-Gudelsky Family

Henry R. Muñoz III and Kyle Ferari-Muñoz

Cynthia and George Nichols

Myron and Sherry Olstein

The Orlebeke Foundation

Charles B. Ortner

Bobby Ourisman

Paratus Group

R. Scott and Courtney Clark Pastrick

Kristin and John Replogle

Laura M. Ricketts

William and Donna Roberts

Drs. Helena Wachslicht Rodbard and David Rodbard

Jean E. Rolles

The Honorable Selwa Roosevelt

George Andrew Rose and The Rose Family

Barbara and Charles Rossotti

Patti and Rusty Rueff

Mark and Alison Russell

Jean Schepers

Arlene Schnitzer

The Mark Siegel Family Foundation

The Honorable† and Mrs. Leonard L. Silverstein †

In Memory of Ali Slosburg

Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. Small

Tina and Albert H. Small, Jr.

Bunnie Smith

David Bruce Smith Foundation

Jean Kennedy Smith

Earl W. and Amanda Stafford

The Stella Boyle Smith Trust, Catherine H. and Michael R. Mayton, Trustees

Paul and Ann Stern

Sy and Laurie Sternberg

Drs. Linda Klieger Stillman and Robert J. Stillman

Mr. Stuart Stock and The Honorable Ann Stock

Jerry Taylor and Nancy Bryant

Linda and Steuart Thomsen

Anne Marie T. Tighe

Carol and Jerry Trautschold

The Trees Family

Trehan Foundation, Inc.

The Trump Group, Jules Trump and Eddie Trump

Sherry and Eddie Wachs

Gil Walsh

Virginia Warner

Wells Fargo

Drs. Robert and Gail Wilensky

Sandy and Jon Willen

Samantha and John Williams

Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks

Mr. John C. Wohlstetter

Wolfensohn Family Foundation

Mr. Howard Woolley and Ms. Lauren Slaughter



Allison Porter




Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Craft, Jr.

Gordon J. Davis

Beth Rudin DeWoody

Kimberly Engel & Family — The Dennis & Judy Engel Charitable Foundation

Lorna Jean Hagstrom

Linda Harding

John and Dori Holaday

Ms. Judith R. Hope

Janie and Cappy McGarr

Jeff and JoAnna Miller

Harsha Murthy

Elizabeth and Stephen Pirnat

The Rabbitt Whalen Family Foundation, Inc.

Susan S. Sher and Neil H. Cohen

William† and Lucretia Tanner

Mrs. Tori Thomas



General Clara L. Adams-Ender

Mr. Jerry Bridges and Ms. Sally A. Turner

Mr. William J. Caldwell and Ms. Michele P. Toth

Janice Clark

The Manny & Ruthy Cohen Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. English

Nishon and Pat Evans

Martin and Jo Ellen Frost

Janet C. Jones

Michelle Jupina

The Honorable Dirk Kempthorne

Deborah Lanni

Ms. Winifred Lumsden

Mr. and Mrs. John Mayer

Mary Milner

The Honorable Dr. Condoleezza Rice

The Honorable Carol L. Schwartz

Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Tagliabue

Ken and Dorothy Woodcock




Ernest and Catherine Abbott

Carolyn Alper

Sara and Robert Adler

Ross and Judy Ain

Drs. Bryan, Timothy, and Laura Arling

Mr. Alvin Bales

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Baly, III

Dr. Rhoda Baruch

Mr. Stephen Baum

Bob and Wendy Beasley

Ms. Joan K. Benziger

Robert L. Bodansky

Betti Brown

Dr. David Buck and Ms. Ottilia Keresztes Nagy

Ms. Karla F. Castner

Maj Gen Trudy Clark

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Comey

Stacy Costello and Robert Haslett

Sally and John Cox

Ann P. Cullen

Ms. Rebecca Darlington

Amanda L. Day

Mrs. Alexandra de Borchgrave

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar De Soto

Dr. Joseph P. DiGangi

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Dunnan

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Dyer

Catherine French

Mrs. Nancy M. Folger

Ms. Margaret Gardner

Mr. and Mrs. Scott C. Garrod

Lenue and Barbara Gilchrist

Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Glick

Ms. Julia C. Gluck

Dr. Steven A. Guttenberg and Diana Winters

Doris Hausser

Ms. Neeta Helms

Mr. and Mrs. George S. Hobart

Ms. Deborah Holmes

Sally S. Hottle

Hilbert and Joan Hubble

Ms. Patricia R. Isacson

John and Christie Johnson

Derek A. Johnson

Loretta Julian

Stephen and Mary Sue Kitchen

Mrs. Heidi Curley Kline and Dr. Alan G. Kline

Susan J. Koch

Keith Krom and Ines Luengo de Krom

Bill Lands and Norberta Schoene

Willis T. Lansford

Anne L. Lantry

Albert Lauber and Craig Hoffman

Ms. Jacqueline Lawrence

Marjorie and John Lewis

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde T. Linsley, Jr.

Ann Marie Lynch

Dr. and Mrs. Bruce K. MacLaury

RADM Dan and Jackie March, USN Ret

Carolyn and Steve Martin

Alyssa Mastromonaco

Dr. Celia J. Maxwell

Mrs. Linda Mayer

Thomas McKeone

Lisa M. Mezzetti

Dr. F.K. Millar

Mr. and Mrs. Jon Miller

The Honorable John Negroponte

Ms. Lynne F. Nelson

Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Novick

Mr. and Mrs. Gino P. and Kim K.S. Pagotto

Mr. Richard J. Price and Mr. Yung S. Chang

Joyce Pavez

Roz Ridgway & Ted Deming

Carlyn Ring

Mr. William L. Ritchie, Jr.

Paige Romig

Margaret A. Ross

Mr. Jeffery M. Russell

Margaret Russell

Betty H. Sams

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Savopoulos

Ms. Susan C. Schwab

John and Martha Schwieters

Paula J. and Ronald L. Seward

Cheryl L. Sharp

Carolyn E. Smith & Peter M. Neal

Mr. and Mrs. George Sneed

Sally and Bill Snyder

Victoria Stack and the Honorable Don Ritter

Jean and Gene Stark

Mr. Randy S. Stevens and Mrs. Marsha Guenzler-Stevens

Mrs. Ted Stevens

Ms. Patricia Stonesifer

Edward and Carmen Stull

Richard Tager

Chandrika Tandon

Mr. Jonathan Tarnow and Ms. Beverly Taridona

Theresa Thompson

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Tober

Patricia White

Dr. and Mrs. Peter L. Willson

Fegegta Workie

Cindy & Merrill Yavinsky

JFK Quote

“If art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his vision wherever it takes him.”

John F. Kennedy

Join Rose Kennedy Schlossberg, John F. Kennedy's granddaughter, in this exploration of The REACH -- the Kennedy Center's transformative new expansion.

Inspiration is a human right that belongs to us all

Whether you’ve seen just a show or two here, been coming here for years, or never visited us before, we invite you to get to know a whole new Kennedy Center that’s taking our namesake’s unwavering belief in human potential to even greater heights.