The Kennedy Center

One Mic: In the Producer's Studio with the Low Budget Crew

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Venue: Kennedy Center Terrace Gallery
Moderated by: Rhome “DJ Stylus” Anderson
Panelists: DJ Roddy Rod | Kaimbr| yU | SlimKat

For over ten years, the Low Budget Crew has represented DMV hip hop, collectively and individually. With production from members like Kaimbr, SlimKat and yU and DJ Roddy Rod, the crew known for capturing that “PG County sound”, has become a household name in several independent hip hop scenes around the world. During this special event, members of Low Budget will discuss their various paths and offer up a live demonstration of their production process. Curated and produced by Risikat "Kat" Okedeyi for LiL SoSo Productions (

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