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Renato Bellucci

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Renato Bellucci, a treasured classical guitarist from Paraguay, showcases his innovative style for D.C. audiences with the special participation of singer Chiara Bellucci. Performing 12 guitar pieces, 2 of which will be World premieres, of movie soundtracks transcribed for solo classical guitar; 4 of the most loved Spanish classical guitar pieces of all time including “Remembrances of the Alhambra” and “Asturias”

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  1. Lento con rubato
  2.  Presto energico

Meditation from Thais by Jules Massenet: Vincent and Gina
Four Songs of Solitude for solo violin by John Harbison: Vincent
  1. Song 2
 Sonata in A Major by César Franck (Robert and Gina)
  1. Allegretto ben moderato
  2.  Allegro
  3. Ben moderato: Recitativo-Fantasia
  4. Allegretto poco mosso

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IN THE JUSTICE FORUM. Free general admission tickets will be distributed in the Welcome Pavilion outside the Justice Forum starting at approximately 5 p.m., up to two tickets per person.

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