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If the Roots met the Red Hot Chili Peppers in N.E.R.D's studio, they'd form the mighty Leftist, the Universal hip-hop band that began its journey in 2009. Described by their fan base (Lefties) as Hip-Hop, Alternative, Rock and Soul wrapped up in one, Leftist consists of the diverse talents of Nurideen Bashir, Mouhamad Diabate, Mahir Maruf, Ebadullah Ebadi, and Mark Hatcher. While many performers may boast of having eclectic styles, the Maryland natives are the truest essence of diversity and uniqueness. This unique sound has led to them sharing the stage with a myriad of artists from Grammy-nominated soul singer Maimouna Youseff to hip-hop acts like Brother Ali and recent Def Jam signee, Logic all the way to psychedelic rock group MGMT. Leftist has officially released their first single ‘Glory’ from their forthcoming album on all digital streaming platforms. But it’s more than just music. The first $4,000 dollars of ‘Glory’ will be donated to the care and wellness of women and youth in Sudan. Leftist draws inspiration from the likes of Michael Jackson, Outkast, Nas and Stevie Wonder; among others, as they create socially conscious music and dynamic live performances to ensure that when nothing else goes right we are "all that's left".

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Presented as a part of Kennedy Center Education Week and the REACH Opening Festival.

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