The Kennedy Center

Washington National Opera Staff

Artistic and Production Operations

  • Stefanie Mercier, Director of Artistic and Production Operations
  • Elizabeth Ventura, Manager of Rehearsal Planning and Artist Services
  • Amanda Joos, Orchestra Manager, KCOHO/WNO
  • Nancy McDonald, Artistic Operations Manager
  • Lynn Krynicki, Production Stage Manager
  • Michael Baitzer, Head of Music Staff
  • Steven Gathman, Chorus Master
  • Ken Weiss, Music Administrator
  • Shelley Friedman, Orchestra Librarian
  • Rebecca Phillips, Assistant Manager of Artist Services
  • Ashley Stonebraker, Orchestra Assistant Manager, KCOHO/WNO
  • Beth Griffin, Rehearsal Planning and Supernumerary Coordinator
  • Danielle Comer, Artistic Operations Coordinator
  • Matthew Munroe, Rehearsal Planning and Artist Services Assistant
  • Amanda Fulton, Artistic Operations Assistant
  • Michael Wood, Studio Coordinator
  • Kathleen Dean, Executive Assistant to the General Director

Artistic Planning

  • Samuel Gelber, Director of Artistic Planning
  • Colin Brush, Artistic Administrator


  • Marsha M. LeBoeuf, Costume Director
  • Mark Hamberger, Associate Costume Director
  • Timm Burrow, Senior Costume Coordinator
  • Lynly Saunders, Costume Coordinator
  • Samantha M. Wootten, Hair and Makeup Coordinator
  • Tessa Grippaudo, Costume Stock Coordinator
  • William Nelson, Lead Draper
  • Sally Kessler, Draper
  • Cathie Gayer-Roubie, Costume Crafts Supervisor
  • Erika Krause, First Hand
  • Stella Pivnik, First Hand
  • Kate Hansen, Stitcher
  • Rose Peele, Stitcher
  • Megan Repetski, Assistant Costume Coordinator


  • Becca Kitelinger, Chief Development Officer
  • Lauren Scarborough, Manager, Institutional Giving
  • Nicole Woods, Manager, Individual Giving
  • Anne-Carolyn Bird, Assistant Manager, Board Relations
  • Dara Slepoy, Assistant Manager, Circles and Major Gifts
  • Sophia Labas, Assistant Manager of WNO Prospect Development
  • David Lavis, Assistant Manager, WNO Corporate and Foundation Relations
  •  Elizabeth Taylor, Assistant, Corporate and Foundation Relations
  •  Ella Andrew, Assistant, Circles and Major Gifts
  • Rebekah Vensel, Assistant, WNO Prospect Development

Domingo-Cafritz Young Artist Program

  • Robert Ainsley, Director of the Domingo-Cafritz Young Artist Program and the American Opera Initiative
  • Caitlin Oldham, Domingo-Cafritz Young Artist Program Coordinator


  • Jennifer Bowman, Director of Music Education
  • Ashi Day, Manager, Music and WNO Education
  • Xavier Boudreaux, Program Assistant, Music Education


  • David Butler, Finance Manager


  • Derek A. Johnson, Director of Marketing
  • Britney Brewington, Marketing Manager
  • Christopher George, Social Media Manager

Public Relations

  • Rachelle Roe, Director of PR
  • Iain Higgins, PR Coordinator, Classical
  • Christopher George, Social Media Manager

Strategy and Engagement

  • Molly Flores, Special Projects and Community Relations Manager


  • Paul Taylor, Technical Director
  • Christy Blackham, Associate Technical Director
  • Sean Miller, Assistant Technical Director
  • Rachel Witt, Properties Coordinator

Washington National Opera also warmly acknowledges the work of the following Kennedy Center areas:

  • Alicia Adams, Vice President of International Programming and Dance
  • Eileen Andrews, Vice President of Public Relations
  • Ellery Brown, Senior Vice President of Operations
  • Andrew Cary, Vice President of Digital
  • Donna Cutro, Vice President of Institutional Giving
  • Carlos Bias, Vice President of Facilities
  • Jeffrey Finn, Vice President of Theater Producing and Programming
  • Melvin Gerald, Jr., Vice President of Campus Planning
  • Kevin Giglinto, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales
  • Maria Kersten, General Counsel
  • Jeffrey Mack, Vice President of Individual Campaigns
  • Leslie Miller, Senior Vice President of Development
  • Esther Olavarria, Vice President of Institutional Affairs and Chief of Staff
  • Lynne Pratt, Chief Finance Officer
  • Mario Rossero, Senior Vice President of Education
  • Glenn Turner, Vice President of Production
  • Robert van Leer, Senior Vice President of Artistic Planning
  • Nicole Weaver, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives and Technology