The Kennedy Center

Board of Trustees

The Washington National Opera (WNO) Board is the governing body of one of the nation's leading producing opera companies, now an affiliate of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. The Board's purpose is to advocate, enhance and support the art of Opera through the Kennedy Center. The Board ensures that there is effective planning for WNO's future, implementation of strong programs and services, and monitoring of its goals.


  • Eric Jon Larsen, Chairman
  • Mrs. Eugene B. Casey, Life Chairman
  • Jacqueline Badger Mars, Chairman Emeritus
  • Jeffrey P. Cunard, President
  • Robin Sagoskin, Secretary
  • Billy Cox, Treasurer
  • Anne Kline Pohanka, Opera Ambassador

Executive Committee

  • Ellen S. Berelson
  • Jane Lipton Cafritz
  • Mrs. Eugene B. Casey
  • Billy Cox
  • Jeffrey P. Cunard
  • Robert B. Downing
  • James A. Feldman
  • Eric Jon Larsen
  • Jacqueline Badger Mars
  • Andy Pharoah
  • Anne Kline Pohanka
  • John J. Pohanka
  • Robin Chesler Sagoskin


  • Edward J. Asher
  • Roswitha S. Augusta
  • Camille S. Biros
  • Kenneth R. Feinberg
  • Alan H. H. Fleischmann
  • Greg Gallopoulos
  • Monica Lind Greenberg
  • Ian M. Jefferson
  • Kristen Lund
  • The Hon. Mary V. Mochary
  • Scott Plumridge
  • Mrs. Frederick Prince
  • The Hon. Selwa Roosevelt
  • Dorothy M. Woodcock
  • Nancy M. Zirkin

Honorary Trustees

  • Mrs. Charles J. DiBona
  • Mrs. Patrick J. Leahy
  • Jill Cooper Udall