The Kennedy Center

Master Teachers

  • Leah Crocetto: Artist-in-Residence
  • Ken Weiss: Principal coach
  • Laura Brooks Rice, Neil Shicoff: Principal voice teachers
  • Dwayne Croft, Pierre Vallet, Joan Dornemann, Kathleen Kelly, Anthony Manoli: Visiting master coaches
  • Erie Mills: English diction coach, visiting master teacher
  • Hemdi Kfir: Language coach
  • Vera Danchenko-Stern: Russian coach
  • Maddalena Borea: Italian instructor
  • Ole Hass: German instructor
  • Karma Camp: Movement instructor, stage director
  • Amanda Consol: Dramatic instructor, scenes director
  • Rita Sloan: Piano instructor
  • Ana De Archuleta: Career counselor
  • Tiffany Soricelli: Finance counselor
  • Jane Frances Jakubczak and the University of Maryland Health Center: Nutrition counseling