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“We believe recordings are an essential part of an orchestra's life because they capture singular musical experiences for future generations to enjoy. We are excited listeners worldwide will be able to hear the emotional and powerful results of the concerts we perform throughout the year at the Kennedy Center's Concert Hall in Washington, D.C."

Gianandrea Noseda

In November of 2019 the National Symphony Orchestra announced the introduction of its new, self-produced record label. This debut album features two composers who contributed greatly to the tapestry of American music. America’s vastness and diversity are portrayed in these two iconic works by Antonín Dvorák and Aaron Copland. In many ways, these works are important parts of the foundation on which the American sound has continued to be built over the decades. The Orchestra’s new label, presented in partnership with the London Symphony Orchestra’s label, LSO Live, uses high-definition technology for live recordings from the Kennedy Center Concert Hall.

On This Album

Gianandrea Noseda, conductor

National Symphony Orchestra

Aaron Copland, Suite from Billy the Kid

Antonin Dvořák, Symphony No. 9 in E minor, Op. 95, "From the New World"

An Introductory Note from Music Director Gianandrea Noseda View the Album Booklet Program Notes